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Funniest Siberian Short Jokes

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  1. My Siberian cousin was kidnapped while taking a selfie. In Soviet Russia, pictures take you.
  2. My friend is such a homophobe… He thinks the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a band of cross dressing Russians.
  3. You think you're special because you suddenly don't identify as male or female? The Siberian Orchestra has identified as 'trans' for over 20 years.
  4. Did you know that a Siberian Tiger can absolutely devour a 7-year-old girl in just about 45 seconds? Anyways, I lost my job at the petting zoo, today...
  5. What's the difference between a trump supporter and a newly adopted Siberian husky? The dog has the mental fortitude to realize he's just gotten owned by a Russian.
  6. What do you call a group of classically trained, gender fluid, Russian musicians? A Trans Siberian Orchestra
  7. How does one walk through a Siberian forest? Do it in a calm and relaxed manner, but bear in mind
  8. Ozzy Osbourne bites the heads off of bats.
    Chuck Norris bites the heads off of Siberian Tigers.
  9. 'This Siberian cold is horrible, I hope you remembered the matchsticks.' My friend said. 'Yup,' I gleefully responded, 'Even tested each one to make sure they work.'
  10. I liked it better when Trans-Siberian Orchestra was just Siberian Orchestra Now I'm always getting confused as to whether they're a band or a woband

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Siberian One Liners

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  1. My miniature Siberian dog is gaining weight too fast. He's a little Husky.
  2. I like my women how I like my Siberian Orchestras... Trans.
  3. How is a coconut like a Siberian dog? They're both husky...
  4. What do u call a Siberian h**...? A frosty prosti.

Trans Siberian Jokes

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  • What do you call a group of Soviet musicians undergoing s**... reassignment? Trans Siberian Orchestra
  • My dog got a s**... change and joined a successful band that plays Christmas music He's now my Trans-Siberian Husky

Siberian Tiger Jokes

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  • You better not be gay. Is only socially acceptable to say to an endangered Siberian Tiger.
Siberian joke,  You better not be gay.

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A Young Russian is sent to a Siberian Work Camp

A Guard looks at him and asks "How long is your sentence?"
The young man says, "Ten years"
The guard whistles and replies, "What did you do?"
"Nothing" says the young man.
The guard laughs and says "That's a lie. For doing nothing you only get 8 years"

Another old Soviet joke

Three prisoners are standing in the yard at a Siberian work camp.
The first says to the second, "What are you in here for?" and the second one replies "I said something n**... about Comrade Popov in 1937. What about you?"
The first prisoner says, "I said something nice about Comrade Popov in 1938."
They both turn to the third prisoner. "And you, comrade, why are you here?" The third prisoner says, "I *am* Comrade Popov!"

One more Russian one

2 guys are lost in the middle of siberian forest. One of them says "shoot. Maybe someone will hear us". So the guy shoots once, twice, thrice but no one came to help. His friend said shoot more and the guy replied "I can't. I'm out of arrows"

Russian man is watching weather forecast on TV and they say that it's -50°C in Siberia today...

In disbelief he calls his Siberian friend:
\- Hey, I've heard is super cold in Siberia these days?
\- Nah, it's nothing special, about -25°.
\- Yeah? On TV they've said it's -50° C!
\- Ah, this must be outside.

Many countries make prisoners do labour that's of no use to anyone.

In Britain, prisoners would climb a treadwheel that turned a fan.
In Russia, prisoners would break rocks in the Siberian wasteland.
And in Germany, prisoners are forced to fit the blinkers to BMW cars.

Siberian joke, 'This Siberian cold is horrible, I hope you remembered the matchsticks.' My friend said.