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A woman who lived next door to a preacher was puzzled by his personality change.At home he was shy, quiet and retiring, but in the church he was a real fire orator, rousing the masses in the name of God. It was as if he were two different people.

One day she asked him about the dramatic transformation that came over him when he preached.

Ah, he said, That's my altar ego.

A shy cowboy goes into a bar

*this is an old one but I'll give it a try* he sees a nice looking cowgirl sitting on a bar stool. He doesn't know how to approach her so he just takes a seat somewhere else. After a while he gets an idea. He gets up, pulls out his gun, and shoots and kills everyone in the room, but her. He goes to her and says: "Now what is a nice-looking lady like yourself doing here all alone?"

Too Shy!!!

During her annual checkup, the well-constructed miss was asked to disrobe and climb onto the examining table.

"Doctor," she replied shyly, "I just can't undress in front of you."

"All right," said the physician, "I'll flick off the lights. You undress and tell me when you're through."

In a few moments, her voice rang out in the darkness: "Doctor, I've undressed. What shall I do with my clothes?"

"Put them on the chair, on top of mine.

What do you call a clever, socially awkward, bisexual hippie with fancy neckwear who streams Star-Trek?

A shy, wry, bi guy in a fly tie and tie dye watching sci-fi on wifi.

Credits: my bud

What did the shy pebble want to be?

A little boulder

8 years ago I worked up the courage to ask the shy, beautiful girl who sat next to me in history class to be my girlfriend. Today, I asked her to be my wife.

She said no both times.

What does the shy little pebble wish for?

To be a little Bolder.

What did the shy pebble wish for?

Only that he could be a little boulder!

Some people say that elves are very shy

But I think hobbits can be Shire

When I met the Rock, he seemed quite shy.

I expected him to be a little bolder.

How do you pump up a room full of shy introverts?


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When I'm feeling shy, I like to think about my pet rock...

It always inspires me to be a little boulder.

When I joined the Botswana Men's Choir, at first I was shy around everyone

But then we all just clicked.

What do you call a network of shy people?

A nervous system.

I'm writing a book about my time growing up as a shy young boy with irritable bowel syndrome...

... i've decided to call it 'Diarrhoea Of A Wimpy Kid'

What do you call a clever, socially awkward, bi sexual Hippie with fancy neckwear who streams Star-Trek?

A shy, wry, bi guy in a fly tie watching sci-fi on wifi.

I know someone who's an introvert and he ALMOST broke a world record.

He was just shy.

Fat chick

I was ice-skating today, just minding my own business, when I noticed a rather plump woman, who kept giving me the eye.

Eventually, she came over to me.

"Hi there. I'm a bit shy and I'm not very good at breaking the ice!" she laughed.

"Have you tried jumping?" I asked.

A shy horse wants to go to the bar and have a drink.

But he does not want to be seen in public. So he puts on a a donkey mask. Wearing the donkey mask, the horse walks into the bar.

The Chinese bartender says, "Hey, why the wrong face?"

Sh***y Joke I came up with when I was little

A man was talking to his pet ox. He asked the ox Hey ox, what's your favorite number? The ox replied, I don't know. I guess I'll go with 1. The man thought for a second then exclaimed, But Ox, why not number 2? The ox replied, Constipation .

A young Chinese couple got married.

In the hotel room that evening, the bride blushed demurely: "I am very shy. Please, husband, tell me what to do."

The husband, a gentle and thoughtful young man said: "Why don't you tell me what you might like to do?"

The blushing bride hesitated before replying: "Well ... husband, uhmm ... I would like to try a ... try a 69!"

The husband was perplexed! "But, wife! It is our first night together, and you want fried rice, beef and black bean sauce?"

I was going out with a girl, and she told me I was shy and moving too slow. I said...

"Meet me by the rock pile tonight. I'll be a little bolder."

Why are librarians so shy?

Their occupation makes them very shelf conscious.

Why do people who like bondage shy away from anonymous one-night stands?

There's no strings attached.

I just got back from a shift at Tesco's..

And while I was working a nice old lady came to my til. I scanned through all her items and it came to £56.83, but after counting up all her change she had just shy of £40.

So I offered to help her, to which she refused but I eagerly insisted. I thought this is probably someone's Nan, and I'd like to think someone would help my Nan in the same situation.

So after no time at all, we had all her shopping back on the shelves!

What do you call a shy fish?


A man with three testicles went to the hospital...

He was too shy to speak up, so the doctor suggested: Try using indirect words .

Finally encouraged, the man revealed: Your balls and mine, put together will make five .

The doctor gasped and exclaimed: What? You have FOUR balls?!

What was the shy rock's wish?

To be a little boulder!

Did you hear about the shy masturbating turtle?

he really came out of his shell

Years ago I made friends with an egg yolk that was extremely shy.

But over time I helped it come out of it's shell.

How did the shy child turn to stone?

By becoming a little bolder.

How did the stegasaurus know the pterodactyl had a shy bladder?

The "p" was silent!

I went on a date with a small carp once. Bit of a tease, kept acting shy.

She was a little koi.

What's similar about a shy jihad and a bagpipe

They only make noise once they've been blown up.

What do you call an introverted French bodybuilder?

Shy Le Buff

I'll show myself out.

I met a girl yesterday...

She was a dwarf and she was just shy of waist high. I was nuts over her.

Why was the computer shy?

Because it had hardware and software but no underware.

The one who invented clothing also the first to feel shy

Why are penguins so shy?

They always get cold feet.

Did you hear about the overweight introvert who thought he had won the hot dog eating contest?

Turns out he was just a bit shy.

The Welsh are a very shy people

They're really quite sheepish...

Why is climate change good for shy people at parties?

It's a good ice breaker

[nsfw] Dad to his shy son -"Do you know what your brother said after he lost his virginity?"

Dad to his shy son -"Do you know what your brother said after he lost his virginity?"

Son- Oh dad ,please dont.

Dad- Exactly.

He: Go on. Don't be shy. Ask me out.

She: Okay.Go out.

Sinatra is diagnosed with schizophrenia...

He goes to see a psychologist and starts talking about his split personalities.

One is the charismatic singer who can perform and woo crowds with his talent and charm.

The other is Steve, who is reserved and shy and can't even speak in front of a more than a few people.

He starts off talking, timid and soft spoken.

The psychologist stops him and says Listen, first I'm gonna need you to be Frank with me

Did you here the one about the shy corn kernel that went to the party.

They say he really popped when he came out of his shell.

What do you call shy bladder incidents?

Frozen pees

What do you call a shy, soft-spoken hipster?


Waking the Dead

One letter shy of being the most controversial show on tv

People often say I'm introverted and shy. They never seem to say that when I draw

Guessing it's probably the barrel they're suddenly looking into.

Do shy prostitutes get tips?

Yes, but just the tip and they just lick the sides a little bit.

Where do shy fish hang out?

In the awkwarium!

There was this cute Muslim girl at the gym today.

Kind of shy, but her body was the bomb.

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