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  1. I met a ninja and asked if he could throw those pointy stars that ninjas have. He said, "shuriken."
  2. Ninja Joke Can a viking throw an axe?
    Sure he can.
    Can a cowboy throw a lasso?
    Sure he can.
    Can a ninja throw a spinning blade?
  3. Me to a ninja: Hey, can you show me how you precisely cut off tree branches with those throwing stars? Shuriken.
    (Came up with this ex nihilo, please like)
  4. Two ninjas are training in a field. One ninja says "I'll bet you can't hit that that target with your throwing star."
    The other ninja says "Shur-I-ken."
  5. What did the throwing star say when I asked her if she could hit her target? Of course, I'm shuriken.
  6. An Interview with a Master Ninja When questioned on whether he thought his pupil could win his upcoming training match the Sensei had this to say:
  7. The ninja master asked a student if they thought they could handle the next challenge. The disciple answered, shuriken!
  8. When I tell people I'm a ninja, they always ask if I can throw a star. And I always tell them Shuriken
  9. Two ninjas were having an argument Two ninjas were arguing over which one was the better ninja.
    The first says, "Man, you can't even throw a ninja star."
    The second ninja says, "Shuriken."
  10. There is a man with a friend who is a ninja.... The man asks, "Ninja, can you help me out with this lightbulb?"
    The ninja replies "Shur-i-ken!"
Shuriken joke, There is a man with a friend who is a ninja....

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Shuriken One Liners

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  1. Can you kill someone with a throwing star? Shuriken.
  2. "Hey, can you help me sharpen these throwing stars?" "Shuriken"
  3. Can a ninja throw a star? Shuriken
  4. What did the ninja say when asked if he can kill a man with ninja stars? Shuriken
  5. Can a ninja throw projectile weapons? Shuriken!
  6. What do you call a shuriken that never hits the right target? An unsure-iken
  7. Can a ninja bring a ninja star into the airport? Shuriken.
  8. Can a ninja kill someone from a distance? Shuriken!
  9. Can a ninja really wield a star? Shuriken
  10. Can a ninja throw any pointy object with lethal accuracy ? Shuriken
  11. What did the ninja say when he was asked if he could do something? "Shuriken."
  12. What does a ninja say when someone asks if he can use throwing stars? Shuriken
  13. Can a ninja scale a wall in a single leap? Shuriken.
  14. Can a ninja kill you with a hidden bladed circle of metal? Shuriken
  15. Why was the ninja fired from his job? He was shuriken his duties.

Shuriken joke, Why was the ninja fired from his job?

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Best short jokes?

I need a joke for a meeting we have tomorrow at work but I cant remember any good ones after following this tradition weekly for the last few months.
It must be short with just an opening line and a punchline like this:
**Can a ninja throw a star?**
The punchline doesnt have to be one word of course, but it cant be a long joke.
Can anybody remember any good ones?

Shuriken joke, Can a ninja scale a wall in a single leap?

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