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A cowboy walks into a German car showroom and says,



What's another name for Best Buy?

The Amazon Showroom.


Yesterday, I went to a Louis Vuitton showroom with my wife

I was shocked to find that my salary was printed on a shoe


Rooms at the IKEA's showroom are like porn videos.

You will never be able to do the same at home.


The Pope goes to a Car Showroom...

Agent: Sir, what type of car is your favorite?

The Pope: A convertible


Those are some damn sexy legs a cute customer said to me while we toured the showroom of the furniture store I work in. I was so flattered- obviously my workout routine was working!

But then he said,
Oh, I'm talking about that chair over there. I'll take it


My friend just walked into a car showroom and waked out with a brand new R8 for free!

Audi do that?


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