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A cowboy walks into a German car showroom and says,


What's another name for Best Buy?

The Amazon Showroom.

Yesterday, I went to a Louis Vuitton showroom with my wife

I was shocked to find that my salary was printed on a shoe

Once a man saved to buy his dream car.

The car was worth $10M. He worked hard around 16 hours a day just to buy car. After a year of hard work he finally saved exact $10M and went to showroom. There was raise in price of car. Now it cost $10M AND 50cents. He asked for discount but they told that cant be done. Then the guy went to the shop across.
There he asked for 50cents to buy car. The shopkeeper was amazed and looked that person top to bottom. He seems a decent guy. After a while He handed the 1$ bill to that guy and told , "Get 1 for me as well."

Share These Showroom Jokes With Friends