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I slipped in the shower yesterday...

Almost lost 28 years down the drain...

A group of jews are lead into the shower. The shower turns on and water comes out. Everyone is cheering and happy, except for little Schlomo. An older man asks him: 'It's water! Why are you not happy?'

Little Schlomo answered: 'Well yes, it is water... But there is no drain!'

my shower thoughts kept getting deeper and deeper and deeper...

then i realized it was because i had the drain-plug in.

The number of times my shower drain has been clogged since my girlfriend has moved out has been zero

Also the number of times I've gotten laid since she moved out has also been zero.

My wife yells at me when I go to the bathroom in the shower...

I don't know what her problem is - I shove it down the drain with a stick.

A girlfriend walks out of the shower and says to her boyfriend, "Honey, I s**.

.. myself down there... Do you know what that means?" The boyfriend says, "Yeah, it means the drain is clogged again."

Three flies in a trashcan get trapped overnight in a bathroom.

The first fly goes to the sink, the second fly stays in the tub, and the third fly chooses the toilet.
The next morning, all the exhausted flies gather back in the garbage can.
The first fly says, "I'm exhausted! I almost got washed down the drain."
The second fly says, "I almost got squashed by feet in the shower!"
The third fly says, "The toilet was fine until it suddenly got dark.
First, I heard thunder, then it started to rain, and if it weren't for that big brown log, I surely would have drowned."

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