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A man walks into a coffee shop

And orders a shot of espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. When he receives his order, he's dismayed to find only a shot of espresso.
"Hey!" he asks the barista, "why didn't you add the ice cream?"
"Sorry sir" he says, "affagato."

So a man walks into a coffee house late in the afternoon and asks for a tall drink with 4 shots of espresso and the rest filled with milk.

The barista looks at him lightly concerned and she says,
Are you sure sir? That's a latte coffee.

One shot of espresso in a coffee? That's a red eye. Two shots? A black eye.

Three shots? That's called a JFK.

What did the doctor say to the art historian?

Can I have two shots of espresso in that latte?

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