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  1. Apparently, drinking a pint of beer shortens your lifespan by nine minutes. According to my calculations I died some time in 1829.
  2. Apparently, when you drink a pint of Beer You shorten your lifespan by 9 minutes. So according to my calculations, i died sometime in 1644.
  3. "Do you smoke?" *"Yes."*
    "Do you know that smoking shortens your life."
    *"Yeah I know."*
    "How old are you?"
    "You would have been 28 by now."
  4. It's weird to me that the shortened version of Charles is "Chuck". I mean, what the Farles is that about?
  5. I never quite understood why the shortened version of 'Charles' is 'Chuck'. What the farles is that about?
  6. What do you do when you'r wife is screaming at you in the living room Shorten the chain from the kitchen
  7. If the shortened nickname for the Buccaneers is the Bucs, the Jaguars are the Jags, and the Patriots are the Pats... Then what do we call the Titans?
  8. Due to the seriousness of the coronavirus... The five second rule has been shortened to three seconds.
  9. Did you hear why david hasselhoff shortened his name to just Hoff? Because he couldn't handle the hassle...
  10. What was the hurricane's reaction when some joker tried to shorten his name to Matt? Hew hew hew.

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  1. I think the men who shorten their name to 'Pat'..... .....are missing a trick.
  2. I hate it when people shorten words for no reason. It makes me want to commit murds.
  3. Why can't you shorten LGBTQIA+ to just L+? Because that would just be premium gay
  4. My grandmother detested men with shortened feet. She was lack-toes intolerant.
  5. I don't trust people with the shortened name for Sylvester. They're really Sly
  6. Only 0.011% know what the shorten term is for presidental alarm @everyone
  7. What did the tailor say to his customer after shortening the length of his pants? A-hem!
  8. A healthy sleep not only makes your life longer, but also shortens the workday.
  9. Why did "I can't even" become shortened to just "I can't"? Because they can't "even".
  10. To save time we should shorten POTUS to POS
  11. What's the United States favorite brand of shortening? San Fran Crisco
  12. Why did the artist go to the bakery? For shortening!
  13. What do you do when your wife Wales out of the kitchen? Shorten her chain.
  14. My boss hates it when I shorten his name to d**...… Mostly because his name is Steve…
  15. How do pants fit on a man with 5 p**...? Like a glove
    -Gilbert Gottfried (shortened)

Shorten joke, How do pants fit on a man with 5 p**...?

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My boss really hates it when I shorten his name to d**...…

Mostly because his name is Steve…

A little boy was eating a bag of candy...

A little boy was eating a bag of candy when a lady approached him and said, "you know, that candy will rot your teeth and shorten your life", to which the boy replied, "I dunno, my uncle lived to be 107 years old". "Oh", said the lady, "and your uncle ate alot of candy I suppose"? "No", said the boy, "he minded his own f**...' business"!

Hu Inxiang Maotsi, a Chinese immigrant to the US, had to shorten his name so that people would be able to pronounce it properly. He chose to initialize his name. So now, if you ask him who he is, he'll say "I am Hu IM."

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Did you hear about the young woman who had a date with the big butter and egg man? Next morning she was telling her friends about him: Young Woman-- And is he generous! Why he bought me the most adorable mink coat! Friend (skeptically) -- And just what did you have to do for it? Young Woman -- Just shorten the sleeves, honey!

Shorten joke, What was the hurricane's reaction when some joker tried to shorten his name to Matt?