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  1. I was warned at a restaurant that service would be slow because they were short staffed But those midgets were really fast
  2. I complained to my wife that I was short staffed at work She responded "yeah, and you have the same problem at home"
  3. I went to a restaurant run by dwarves The food was good but the service was terrible.
    They were really short staffed.
  4. Seems like just about everywhere is short staffed these days... Where do all of these average to tall people get the nerve to just not work anymore?
  5. What do you call a court of appeals staffed entirely by people under 5 feet? A short circuit
  6. Did you hear about the shop that only employed dwarves? It had to close because it was short staffed.
  7. The restaurant I work at has a lot of short girls who can't reach the higher up shelves and constantly ask for help. I guess you could say we're frequently short-staffed.
  8. What do you call a?... What do you call potato who's high?
    A. A baked potato
    What do call a wizard who doesn't have enough minions?
    A. Short staffed

    Ps. This is my first post, be gentle with me.
  9. I went to a Snow White themed restaurant where the servers were all dwarves and the service was terrible. I didn't mind, though. I could see they were short-staffed.
  10. Do you ever think that santa is tired of being 'short' staffed? He only ever hires elves...

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  1. Why do Chinese workers work so hard? Because their companies are always short-staffed.
  2. Why did the restaurant get rid of their high-top tables? Because they were short staffed…
  3. What do you call a company that only hires midgets? Short staffed.
  4. Why is it always so hectic at the North Pole? They're very short staffed.
  5. The Midget Shop is useless They're always short staffed
  6. The midget s**... club down the street is hiring. They must be short staffed.

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Our town's male s**... club has employed a lot of poorly endowed men.

Ironically, they aren't short staffed.