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  1. What do you call a court of appeals staffed entirely by people under 5 feet? A short circuit
  2. A battery and a light bulb were in a race. Who won? None of them:
    The light bulb was blown away from the short circuit and the battery gave up because it couldn't resist it either.
  3. An author signs up to do a lot of lectures around the world... ...but gets electrocuted after only three.
    It was a short circuit.
  4. A midget dressed up as a circuit board on Halloween night died you could say he short-circuited
  5. What do you call a racetrack made from faulty electronics that's not too long? A short circuit.

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  1. Which course did Hillary Clinton select when playing Mario Kart? The short circuit
  2. I tried building a robotic midget... but it had a short circuit.
  3. Why did the electric car finish the race early? It had a short circuit.
  4. How long is a short circuit? As long as it takes to find it!
    [Thanks dad]
  5. How can you fix a short circuit? Lengthen it
  6. Why did the dwarf die from electrocution? He was a short circuit
  7. A lady was ironing her clothes and the iron short-circuits...

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Electrical Joke

Dad was a Bell System engineer. I told him that he had put up with BS for 40 years. But that is not his joke. His was:
How long is a short circuit?
As long as it takes to ***find*** it!

Two men were breaking into a high security software company...

They couldn't get their code breaker to work for the back door, so, in a last desperate attempt to short circuit the security, one of them peed on the access panel.
It began smoking, a couple sparks flew, and boom, the back door clicked open.
They looked at each other, impressed and relieved.