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Why did the FDA close down the convent's tailor shop?

Because it was found to be habit forming.

Why did the nun rob the l**... shop?

To support her habit.

News has leaked of the title of Bruce Willis' next film, where he wears a nun's outfit he bought from a charity shop.

Old habits die hard.

A nun decides to dye her worn out clothes

A nun decided that it was much cheaper to just dye the colour back into her worn out clothes instead of buying new clothes. Every year, the nun would go to a nearby dye shop to dye her clothes and hang them to dry.
When she returned to the store for the 10th time, she dyed and hung her clothes. When she came back to get her clothes, they were stiff and uncomfortable. She complained to the store manager and asked why that happened to her clothes.
The store manager replied: "Well madam, old habits dye hard"

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