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Joke my kid made up when he was like 4.... What do you call an angry shopper using bad words?

A cussomer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger opens his own shopping mall. A customer left her purse on the counter after a purchase. Seeing the customer is nearing the exit of the mall, Arnold handed the purse to the nearest cashier.


why did the grocery shopper glue 10 boxes of rice together and walk out without paying?

because that container said gluten-free.

As a frugal shopper, I was thrilled when I saw a great deal on used tampons. Best part?

No strings attached

Why I got fired from Sam's Club.

I referred to an overweight shopper as a "swollen member"

I found a leaky bottle of ointment for a discount, so I picked it up...

Now I'm a savvy shopper!

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