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What's Han Solo's favorite type of video game?

First person shooter.

Apparently Kevin Bacon was killed last night. . .

And they're charging the shooter with 6th degree murder. . .

Two hunters are walking in the forest

One hunter says to the other,
The other hunter, however does not duck, and is subsequently shot.
He falls to the ground, and the shooter immediately calls 9-1-1.
Before the operator can say anything, he screams, "HELP HELP I THINK MY FRIEND IS DEAD!"
The operator says, "Well, first lets make sure he actually dead."
Another gunshot rings through the forest.

The hunter then says, "What should I do now?"

Shooter joke, Two hunters are walking in the forest

What do you call an angry black man?

Typical. What do you call an angry white man?

Active shooter.

Who's the funniest shooter around?

Elliot Rotflgers.

What was Eve charged with after murdering Adam in the Garden?

Being a first-person shooter

I wonder if the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter had a Plan B?

Shooter joke, I wonder if the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter had a Plan B?

Just saw a guy with a bowl-cut mullet

Or as I like to call it "School shooter in the front, abortion clinic shooter in the back." - Corey Forrester

A high schooled student becomes a national hero after taking down a school shooter

But was expelled because of the schools zero tolerance policy

I deserve an award for beating up a school shooter...

I beat him up every day for nearly a year before he shot up the school.

Why doesn't Jesus play first-person shooter games?

It takes him 3 days to respawn.

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Widowmaker and Reaper are the worst heroes in Overwatch.

All they had to do was kill ONE monkey, a Zookeeper is a better shooter than these doofs!

People are freaking out because the Orlando shooter was investigated by the FBI and was able to buy a rifle.

But you can also run for president.

What do you call someone who photographs fish?

A school shooter

What do you call a gunman who exercises?

An active shooter!

That's the difference between tech support and a mass shooter?

One is a troubleshooter, while the other is a troubled shooter.

Shooter joke, That's the difference between tech support and a mass shooter?

What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea?

A salad shooter.

A Guy Walks Into a Bar with a Loaded Six Shooter with 1 in the Chamber

And yells "Who slept with my wife!? I'm gunna shoot that motherfuc***!"

A guy in the back yells back

"You're gunna need more ammo!"

What's the difference between a cold nose and that weird white kid in your class?

One's a cool hooter, the other is a school shooter

A Bostonian shooter opens fire on a Catholic meeting, killing 28 and injuring dozens more.

The newspaper headline the next day reads:
"A Massive Massacre Occurs at Mass in Massachusetts."

So this is society..

Muslim Shooter = entire religion guilty

Black Shooter = entire race guilty

White shooter = mentally troubled lone wolf

People like me when I use my double barreled pea shooter.

That's because I aim two peas.

Did you hear about the Heterosexual Gunslinger?

He was a real straight shooter

They say the Vegas shooter was a white guy...

I was betting on black

I invented a war game called "Adam and Eve".

It's a first person shooter.

The shooter at YouTube...

Was removed because her content violated YouTube's terms of service.

Sorry about that

Too soon maybe, but today's event are proof that men do everything better than women...

Active shooter couldn't even kill anyone but herself

The recent shooting at YouTube was pretty terrible.

I guess the shooter had one too many videos demonitized.

The YouTube shooter yesterday was a woman

It's good to finally see a tech company embrace gender diversity.

Donald Trump is giving a speech, and his bodyguard spots somebody about to shoot the president...

The bodyguard leaps up and shouts "MICKEY MOUSE"

Confused, the shooter stops and asks, "why did you shout Mickey mouse?"

The bodyguard replies "oh sorry, i meant to say DONALD, DUCK!"

A school shooter is gunning down his classmates when he sees his ex-girlfriend. Why didn't he kill her?

He missed her.

What to school shooter jokes have on common with school shooter victims?

They both never get old

What do you call an alcohol made to support education?

A school shooter.

The school hired me as a photographer

So I was hired to photograph a school event and when I walked up to the doors these security guys stared me down and asked what I was doing

I started to reach for my camera and said I was the school shooter

And the douchebags jumped on me and cuffed me!

What do you call a Kid that stands up to his Bullies?

School shooter.

A school shooting breaks out, the shooter kills every kid he sees for being cruel to him, all except one specific 12 year old boy.

I guess progeria has it's ups.

My coworkers hate when I joke about an active shooter in the building

That one usually kills.

What do you call a church shooter?

Mass murderer

The president walks out the White House and one of his body guards spots a shooter.

Quickly, he shouts "MICKEY MOUSE" and charges the gunman. Confused, the shooter is managed to be apprehended and the body guard is a hero.

The next day his boss invites him into his office and asks why he shouted mickey mouse. Blushing, he replied " I was panicking and I meant to say, Donald duck".

Did you hear about the gamer who commit suicide while playing?

It was a first-person shooter.

what do school shooter victims and school shooter jokes have in common?

they never get old

What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea?

A salad shooter.

I never got school shooter jokes

Guess they're aimed at a younger audience.

What do you call a communist sharp shooter?

A Marxman.

A shooting club was holding a competition. The winner was to get a somewhat ugly trophy, the second-placed shooter - a crate of champagne.

By the end of the final round, two shooters were tied for first place, so they were told to do a tiebreaker round - 5 shots at maximum distance. To keep things more dramatic, they had to shoot at the same time.

After both had stopped firing and were awaiting the results, one shooter turned to his rival and said with a little smile: "I'm sorry, pal. I put all five shots in the wall."

"I'm sorry, too," replied the other, "because I put all of mine into your target."

Placing three armed veterans in each school will stop school shootings

The shooter will see people with three arms and freak out.

(Possibly offensive joke?)

Not a single adult gets my school shooter jokes. I guess they're aimed at kids.

An 88-year old man came to the hospital and said to the doctor, Doctor, my 18 year old wife is pregnant with my child.

The doctor paused and said, There was a master bear shooter in a village. He never missed a shot.

But one day he was in a hurry, and took his umbrella instead of his rifle by mistake.

When he encountered a bear, he still didn't realize his mistake and pointed the umbrella and shot the bear.

The bear lay dead with a bullet in his heart!

The old man said, That's stupid! The bullet must have been shot by another person.

That's exactly right, said the doctor.

Two snipers are going through the desert when all of a sudden they come under fire...

"Spotter"... says the shooter, "find out where those shots are coming from!"

So the spotter takes out his scope and starts panning round... "I think I found them. There is a small shrub, covered in bacon, gammon, and pork chops"

"That's them..."says the shooter... "it's a ham-bush!"

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