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When is the best time to have diarrhea?

During scrabble. Because it's worth a s**... of points.
- Zach Galifianakis

ISIS has reportedly acquired a s**... of cutting edge weapons technology from the Korean black market.

Recent photographs suggest that the technology is known to have an Iris Scanner, S Pen, a 12 MP primary camera and a really mindBLOWING battery life.

Toilet paper is the only thing....

where having a s**... means you're almost out.

Many thanks to the person who created toilet paper.

Other wise I would have a s**... of dirty underwear!

What's young, hot, and makes a s**... of stuff?

A sweatshop.

"How much money would it take for you to drink out of a non-flushed toilet bowl?"

"A s**..."

How much is a metric f**...-ton?

A s**....

If I had a dime for every time I quoted the movie Blazing Saddles...

I would have a s**... of dimes.

I no longer see my wife and kids because of gambling.

I won a s**... of money and moved to Spain.

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