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Wife: You're shirtless?

(husband nods)
Wife: And covered in...oil?
-Well, you know how you always say I never glisten?
Wife: Listen. You never listen.

My wife stared at me in disbelief and cried, You're shirtless and also covered in… oil?! I chuckled proudly, Well, you're always saying..."

"...I never glisten!"
She screamed, **"LISTEN!!** You never **listen!!"**

I just learnt that boxing is about two guys fighting the urge to come out as gay...

I mean. Two shirtless men fighting over a belt and a purse.
And they have to have another guy near them at all times who's entire job is to stop them from hugging.

A boy finds his Grandfather sitting out on the porch completely n**... from the waist down.

And he says, "Grandpa, where are your pants?"
The old man replies, "It was your Grandmother's idea. Yesterday I complained about having a stiff neck after sitting out here shirtless, so she suggested I stay out here pantsless before bedtime."

I had a dream that I killed all the dumb shirtless guys with 'swag' and their duckfaced girlfriends.

It was the Yolocaust.

My son was walking shirtless showing his 6 pack abs proudly and said 'This didn't happen by accident'

I said ' if you ask your mother,she would tell a different answer' .

My wife said to me, You're shirtless and also covered in… oil?

I said, Well, you're always saying I never glisten.
Listen! You never listen!

My wife stared at me with mouth agape and stammered, You're shirtless and also covered in…oil?!

I exclaimed proudly, Well, you're always saying I never glisten!
She threw her arms up in the air and screamed disgustedly, ** Listen!!** You never **listen! **

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