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  1. I came across a great movie about a semi-truck with a defective refrigeration unit that had to deliver a large shipment of meat. Unfortunately, the trailer spoiled it.
  2. I think Samsung has messed up with my new phone's shipment. I had booked a Galaxy Note ''S7'', not C4.
  3. A Rich man sent a medicine shipment to Somalia Once it reached the Airport inspection, Customs rejected it and sent it back;
    the instructions on the medicines said : after meal
  4. Did you guys hear about the shipment of spices that fell into the ocean?? Huge waste of thyme.
  5. I got asked during a job interview if I was responsible. I yes.
    When asked to provide examples, I said anytime something broke, or a shipment went out late, I told them I was responsible.
  6. What do you call it when you're bathroom tile that you ordered online falls off the shipment truck due to company mismanagement? e wrecked tile dysfunction
  7. Superglue comes with a warning: "Caution - Instantly bonds skin." But a whole shipment got out with a misprint: "Caution - Instantly bonds kin." That's how I ended up marrying my first cousin.
  8. A cargo ship carrying a shipment of mannequins sunk to the ocean floor It was one thousand legs under the sea.
  9. With many truck routes blocked from Wildfire, California residents are having beef shipments airdropped to them. The steaks have never been higher.
  10. I got a new shipment of jokes in today. I asked the mailman if the punchlines were included, but he assured me it was all in the delivery.

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  1. A boat with a shipment of veggies sank yesterday Turns out, it had a couple leeks ;)
  2. How did the international good shipment feel as it crossed the border? Tarrified.
  3. What do you call a shipment full of military issued t-rexes? small arms
  4. What do you call it when you receive a shipment of iron? *Fe mail.*
  5. A shipment of wigs has been stolen Police are combing the area
  6. I just got my shipment of birds in from Lisbon. They're Portu-geese.
  7. they call transport by car a shipment... and by boat, a cargo.

  8. Why do street ducks where trench coats To hide their shipment of quack
  9. Why was the shipment of eggs late? They were expecting Easterly winds
  10. Why did the b**... store get behind on its shipments? Bbecause they were all t**......

Shipment joke, Why did the b**... store get behind on its shipments?

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Termite Food

So I work in a retail store where we routinely have shipments of freight arriving on wooden skids. A truck driver will come by every week or so, and pick up the empty skids so they can be reused.
Out of curiosity, I asked the driver if he ever worried about termites getting into his trailer. He said the brand of skids we use are chemically treated, so termites won't eat them. You can tell the difference because instead of being regular wood, they're usually painted blue.
So I said, "In other words, they can't palate pallets in that pallette?"

A Mexican dock worker is loading a ship...

A Mexican dock worker is loading a boat with a shipment of French cuisine, when his boss happens to walk by. The boss asks, "hey, what's that you're loading over there?"
The dock worker replies, "Es cargo."


In 1912, the Titanic sank and everyone still talks about it to this day.
But only weeks after the incident, another ship fell victim to the harsh ocean. This was a large cargo ship that contains various products that were supposed to be delivered to Mexico, among them were sugar, coffee beans, but the bulk of the shipment comprised of mayonnaise. You see, Mexicans love mayonnaise. That's why when it happened on a sad day in May 5th, the whole mexican wept for the fallen sailors and the delicious products they were supposed to enjoy.
Since then, the day of mourning came to be: >!Sinko De Mayo!<

Today a large shipment of Chinese dumplings was thrown to the ground and smashed into crumbs by vandals who are unhappy with a change in the savory treat's recipe.

Local officials are said to be appalled by the wonton destruction.

TIL: The Titanic was not just a passenger liner, but also a cargo ship

Among other things, it was carrying a large shipment of mayonnaise bound for Mexico. When Mexico heard that they would not receive it, they understandably upset, and decided to name a day in memorial of it. They called this day Cinco de Mayo.

a marketing mistake

A small business owner walks into a bar and orders a beer. "How's business?" the bartender asks. "Horrible. We had quite a fiasco this week. I had a shipment come in containing 100 high-quality T-shirts that featured a glow-in-the-dark design of a 100 dollar bill on the front. They looked really cool in the catalog when we ordered them, but we didn't sell a single one all week," the business owner complains. "I guess it's true. Money doesn't glow on T's. "

USDA approves shipment of m**...-fed cows' beef

Analytical studies show that the steaks are high

The Titanic

So, not many people know, back in the 1900's mayonnaise was only made in Europe. The titanic carried 1200 cases scheduled for delivery in the port of Vera Cruz as her next dock after her stop in New York. What would have been the first largest shipment sadly went down with the ship. The Mexicans were so upset over the loss they still celebrate a day of mourning which we know now as sinko de mayo.

The Titanic and mayonnaise

What a lot of people don't know about the Titanic was that it was carrying a large shipment of mayonnaise to Mexico. In fact, the Mexican people were overjoyed to be receiving this fine delicacy.
Sadly, as we all know, the Titanic tragically sank, sending its many tons of mayonnaise to the bottom of the ocean. The Mexican people were saddened by this event, and dedicated an annual event to the remembrance of the mayonnaise
We call it Cinco de Mayo

What did Dath Vader say when he was disappointed with his shipment from the Ford dealership?

There is no escape.

Shipment joke, What did Dath Vader say when he was disappointed with his shipment from the Ford dealership?