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Russell Crowe & Sheryl Crow walk into a bar…

The bartender calls 911, "I need to report an attempted m**...!"

Russel Crowe and Sheryl Crow walks into a bar...

The bartender calls 911 and says, "I need to report an attempted m**...."

Did you hear about the recent celebrity m**...?

Sheryl Crow, Russel Crowe, and Cameron Crowe all happened to be in one room. Nobody was injured.

Man: Honey, what's wrong?

Woman: I'm feeling a little depressed...

Man: Why don't you listen to some music? That always cheers you up.

Woman: Okay...will you put on some Sheryl Crow?

Man: If It Makes You Happy.

Did you hear about the attempted m**...?

Russel Crowe, Sheryl Crow and John Crow were all in a room together.

Russell Crowe & Sheryl Crow walk into a bar...

Russell Crowe & Sheryl Crow walk into a bar.
The bartender calls 911, "I need to report an attempted m**...!"

Sheryl Sandberg's husband died while exercising on a treadmill.

He was trying to get his Lean In.

What's the farthest you've ever gotten in a Sheryl Crow album?

For me, the first cut is the deepest

Why did Sheryl Crow get arrested at her family reunion?

attempted m**....

Sheryl Crow singing the national anthem

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