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Funny Shep Jokes and Puns

This farmer was telling me about how brilliant his sheepdog was at maths,

"Watch this," he said. "Shep, what's seven plus two, "
And the dog barked ten times.
"OK, Shep, what's fifteen plus four. "
And the dog barked twenty times.
"He's very good, " I replied, but he's a little over. "
"Yeah, " answered the farmer, "old habits die hard, he's just rounding them up. "

A shepard asks his dog

To count the sheep on his farm

The dog goes to count the sheep an comes back

The shepard asked how many sheep do i have?

The dog says 40

The shepard thinks " wait a minute i only had 38 how could that be.

The dog said

" i rounded them up"

A shepherd tells his dog to go count the sheep...

So the dog goes out, comes back a little later. Shepherd says: How many sheep you count out there?
Dog says: 40 .
Shepherd says: That's not possible, I only had 38 to begin with! .
And the dog goes: Yeah but I rounded them up .

A shepherd owned a remarkable dog, deft at sheep herding and able to speak.

At the end of the day, after his dog had herded the flock into the pen, the shepherd asked his canine friend to confirm how many sheep were in.

"40," the dog barked.

"40? I counted 37."

"Yes," replied the dog, "I rounded them up."

The shepherd woke up one afternoon...

"Oh no! I fell asleep! I hope nobody stole my sheep.

Let's see 1, 2, *Zzzzzz*"

Why did the shepherd sleep on the job?

Because he was busy counting sheep.

A shepherd was looking for a sheep that ran away

Forget it, you've already herd this one.

Why didn't the shepard cut off his sheep's wool?

Shear laziness.

Why do shepherds wear overalls?

Because sheep can hear zippers.

A Sheppard tried to take inventory

But he fell asleep when he tried

What did one shepherd say to the other shepherd?

Let's get the flock out of here.

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How do you get to Shepherds Bush?

Up the Shepherd's leg!

A Shepherd asks a Blacksmith, Can you help me find my sheep?

Blacksmith replies, That sounds like a ewe problem.

The shepherd counted 98 sheep...

As the shepherd said to his sheep

Let's get the flock out of here

Do you know why shepherds sleep only on their belly?

So no one will steal their cheese....

How does a shepherd integrate black and white flocks?


A shepherd asked a depressed sheep how he was doing...

"Baaaaaahd," the sheep replied.

What did the Shepard say when he saw the sheep?

"I herd that!"

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