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What do you call graveyard shenanigans?


The Three Stooges are spending the night in a haunted house... and get up to their usual eye-poking, nyuk-nyuking, slapstick shenanigans. In the middle of the pie fight, a poltergeist appears. Curly throws a cream pie and it turns around in midair and smacks him right in the face!

He turns to Moe and says, "Hey, I think that ghost must have been from Australia."
"Oh yeah, why?"
"Because it just threw a Boo-Meringue at me!"

I was sitting in my house in England, looking at the news

I was sitting in my house in England, Looking at the news.
Hearing about what was being done to people on british soil by Russians infuriated me. I took it upon myself to write a long scathing article about Putin, and how we should stand up to him and not takes these shenanigans any more from him.
I was about to post it online and share it with my Russian friends, but then my nerves got the better of me.

If Donald Trump becomes president and keeps up his shenanigans, he could be the first president to be impeached.

It would be an un-presidented event in American politics.

I hate when I'm accused of shenanigans.

When clearly it was Tom foolery.

What's the worst part about a divorce with all these Brexit shenanigans going on?

A wolf's teeth are only as wide by a French butter.

Sin City was a nickname given to Las Vegas because of all of its shenanigans, but do you know about Den City?

It's the degree of compactness of a substance.

An Englishman, a Scot, and an Irishman walk into an English bar...

Credit to my friend for this one.
Everyone orders drinks, and are brought an additional drink for free.
"See?" says the Englishman, "When you order a drink in an English bar, they give you a second one for free."
"That's nothing," says the Scot, "When you order a drink in a Scottish bar, they give you TWO free drinks. Three drinks for the price of one!"
"It's even better in Ireland," says the Irishman, "Sometimes, when you order a drink, you get free drinks the rest of the night, and then some shenanigans upstairs afterward."
The Scot and the Englishman are astounded and slightly disbelieving. "Wow! Really?"
The Irishman says "Well, I PERSONALLY have never experienced it, but it's happened to my sister a number of times."

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