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With all the negativity in the world today... least Charlie Sheen is staying positive.

How much cocaine did Charlie Sheen do?

Enough to kill two and a half men.

Do you think Charlie Sheen admitted to being HIV positive on national television...

because it was easier than making phone calls?

What do Taylor Swift and Charlie Sheen have in common?

Bad blood.

What do Magic Johnson, Charlie Sheen and roughly 250,000 children in Africa have in common?

A continuing chance to create a better tomorrow.

You **sick** bastards.

If I have HIV I hope I find out from a Doctor, like Charlie Sheen did

And not from the TV, like his ex girlfriends did.

Did you hear about the woman who couldn't remember if she had sex with Charlie Sheen?

At first she wasn't sure, but now she's positive.

How much cocaine can Charlie Sheen do?

enough to kill 2 1/2 men.

Who's the best person to invite over for Christmas?

Charlie Sheen. Because you know it's GUARANTEED to be a white Christmas when he's around.

What's the term for that light shimmer that you get when you finish on someone's face?

The Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen and Mike Tyson are in a car. Who's driving?

The cop.

Why did Amber Heard and Charlie Sheen's secret lovechild take his father's name instead of his mother's?

Because children should be sheen and not heard.

What's the difference between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen's winning.

Charlie Sheen Says He Has HIV...

Finally a positive in his life.

The news about Charlie Sheen having HIV is the only positive thing I have been reading in my Facebook timeline all week.

No pun intended.

As bad as 2016 seems to be, it could be worse...

You could have got a phone call from Charlie Sheen.

If Michael Sheen has a daughter he should name her Florence.

And her middle name? Andthema.

New Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan TV show.

Two and a half kilos.

With all the negativity world-wide lately, it's nice to see Charlie Sheen has announced something positive

Why Can't Charlie Sheen Finish the Alphabet?

Because when he gets to 'P' it burns.

What does Charlie Sheen say when he's having sex with a Vietnamese Lady?


Guys, I know Charlie Sheen isn't winning right now.

But at least he's positive.

in these hard times, it's crucial to stay as positive as Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, Amy Winehouse, and Keith Richards walk into a bar.

The bartender, local drug dealer, and in house pimp all get measured for a new suit

Have you heard of Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohans new sitcom?

It's called "two and a half grams"

How many drugs did Charlie Sheen take?

Enough to kill two and a half men.

Now I know why Charlie Sheen was always Winning...

...he was just being positive.

I dont know if anyone else remember this joke

- How much cocaine did Charlie Sheen consume?

- Enough to kill two and a half men.

Why do other actors hate working with Charlie Sheen?

Because he is bad with lines!

TIL that Charlie Sheen got HIV after doing Two and a Half Men.

Several years ago, Charlie Sheen said "I'm Winning"

...even now he's still remaining positive!

If I was Charlie Sheen I would call my son..


Studies show that one in two and a half men are HIV Positive

You can thank Charlie Sheen for that

How did Charlie Sheen contract HIV?

He blew a Piston in his car.

What do C programs and Charlie Sheen have in common?

They both have an std.

Despite being diagnosed with HIV

Charlie Sheen is remaining positive

Did you guys know Charlie Sheen has a little sister, Fartma?

What nationality is Mr Sheen?


Charlie Sheen just received an AA coin in relation to maintaining sobriety for a year

Next to his HIV diagnosis, this may be the second most positive experience of his life.

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