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  1. I tried to collect some wool and milk from my farm and the animals went crazy. It was shear and udder panic.
  2. Scissors are a beautifully simplistic piece of technology. Their invention was nothing but shear genius.
  3. I lacked confidence in my ability as a sheep shearer....until I started shearing female sheep.... Ewes make me feel like a natural woolman....
  4. Did you guys hear about that guy who died? He was famous for giving sheep haircuts. Did that for over 25 years. They say he died from shear boredom.
  5. What did the sheep say to its new Facebook friend? Unfriend me if you don't like what I have to shear.
  6. Ask a counseling student how to reduce stress, they'll discuss mindfulness, work-life balance, etc. Ask an engineering student, they'll ask back, "Normal or Shear?"
  7. My daughter made a giant pair of shears from outdated computer parts in art class at school She called it Cutting hedge technology
  8. How do sheep divide candy? They all get their fair shear
  9. A p**... comes upon his neighbour carrying a sheep under each arm. - You gonna shear'em?
    - No, they're both for me.
  10. [nsfw] i was driving along a country road in new Zealand and saw a farmer f***ing a sheep I called out to him "mate, shouldn't you be shearing it?"
    He said "shearing it? I ain't shearing it with nobody"

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Shear joke, [nsfw] i was driving along a country road in new Zealand and saw a farmer f***ing a sheep

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  1. What's the welsh word for shearing a sheep? Foreplay
  2. I just saw a farmer shave a sheep in 1 second. It was shear brilliance!
  3. Does Dwayne Johnson purchase bulk shears? No.
    The Rock pay per scissors
  4. How did the farmer manage to shave 100 sheep in one hour? Shear effort
  5. Garden shears will never be outdated. After all, it's cutting-hedge technology.
  6. How do you get a sheep to shave itself? Under shear pressure.
  7. Why is it wrong to remove the leaves from a tree? It's shear madness.
  8. How did the farmer deal with the stubborn sheep's wool? With shear willpower
  9. How did the sheep escape the clipping? Shear luck.
  10. Why didn't the shepard cut off his sheep's wool? Shear laziness.
  11. The interesting thing about sheep puns Is the SHEAR volume of them.
  12. Who do you get when you cross a large pair of scissors and a Disney villain? Shear Khan.
  13. Why was the farmer scared of the sheep? Because he was baaaafled at its shear size
  14. What did the sheep use to shave before his wedding? Elopping shears
  15. Why do scissors make good toilet paper? They introduce more shear force

Shear joke, Why do scissors make good toilet paper?

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Shear joke, The interesting thing about sheep puns

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