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  1. Why have sumo wrestlers began shaving their legs? They were getting tired of being mistaken for feminists
  2. Why do Sumo wrestlers shave their legs? Because if they didn't, people would mistake them for feminists.
  3. Do you know why sumo wrestlers shave their legs? So people wouldn't get them mixed up with feminists.
  4. Why do sumo wrestlers shave their legs? Because they don't want to be mistaken as feminists.
  5. Men 1845: I just killed a buffalo..... Men 1952: I just fixed the roof.
    Men 2017: I just s**... my legs
  6. To every girl who complains about shaving their legs every now and then You don't know the pain of shaving your f**... hair every morning.
    But neither do I.
  7. Why do sumo wrestlers shave their legs? So they don't get mistaken for feminists.
    (heard this on pka 250 from w**..., thought it was funny so I shared it here)

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Shaving Legs One Liners

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  1. Why do sumo wrestlers shave their leg? To avoid being mistaken for feminists.
  2. Why do sumo wrestles shave their legs? So that you can tell them apart from feminists
  3. Why do sumo wrestlers shave their legs? So people don't confuse them with feminists.
  4. What did 007 say about the Queens legs God Shave the Queen
  5. Why did sumo wrestlers start shaving their legs? To stop getting confused as feminists
  6. Why do sumo wrestlers shave their legs? So they're not confused with feminist.
  7. How can you tell a Sumo wrestler from a feminist? A Sumo wrestler shaves his legs.
  8. How does Nova shave her legs? She uses Archon's razor.
  9. I'm going to shave my beard. Her legs will look
  10. How can you tell a sumo wrestler from a feminist?
    A Sumo wrestler shaves his legs.
  11. Yo mama so hairy, she shaves her legs with a lawnmower.
  12. My son calling me dad was my breaking point I finally s**... my legs
  13. How do you spot a sumo at a feminist rally? Look for the one with s**... legs....

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A blind man and his mistress.

A blind guy visited his choir mistress at home and found her bathing. Since he was blind, she let him in.
After bathing, she came out n**..., spread her legs and started shaving in front of him. She tried to make a conversation by asking him, Brother John, what brings you here? Is everything OK at home?
He replied, Yes, very fine. I came to tell you that I have done the eye surgery and I can see very clearly now.

A farmer was having trouble telling his horses apart.

"I have two horses that I can't tell apart," he tells his friend. "Is there any way you can help me?"
"Shave the mane off one horse," his friend said. "Then you'll know the difference between them."
The farmer did as he was told, but after some time the mane grew back and he couldn't tell the difference anymore.
"This time, give one of them a small cut on its leg," said his friend. "Then you can tell it apart from the other."
The farmer did this again, but the other horse ran into a thorn bush and got a similar cut on its leg.
"Measure their height," said his friend. "One of them must definitely be a bit taller than the other."
The farmer tried it out, and it worked. Ecstatic, he ran back to his friend's house.
"It worked!" he yelled. "The black one is two inches taller than the white one!"

A good looking woman walks into a bar wearing a tube top.
She raises her hand to signal the bartender for a beer, revealing that she does not shave her armpits.
Meanwhile, a sloppy drunk on the other side of the bar signals the bartender, "Buy that ballerina over there a drink on me."
The bartender replies, "What makes you think she's a ballerina?"
"Because," answers the drunken man, "any chick that can lift her leg that high has GOT to be a ballerina."

The curious case of the lost washcloth

There was a little boy whose mother was about to have a baby. One day the little boy walked in and saw his mother n**..., he asked his mother what was the hair in between her legs?
She responded, "It's my washcloth".
Weeks later after the mother had the baby, the young boy walked
in on his mother again, but while she was in the hospital the
doctor s**... her p**... hair, and the boy asked his mother:
"What happened to your washcloth?"
The mother responded, "I lost it".
The little boy, trying to be helpful, set out to find his
mother's washcloth. A few days later the little boy went running
to his mother yelling and screaming,
"I found your washcloth!"
The mother thinking that the child was just playing went along
with the boy and asked,
"Where did you find it?"
The boy answered, "The maid has it and she's washing daddy's face with it."

The man in the pool

A fat man hops into a swimming pool with lots of women. One woman says to him that this is a lady's class and that he is not welcome to join. The man gets of the pool and forms a plan, that night he shaves his chest,buys a woman's swimsuit and a wig. The man returns the next day and hops into the pool again looking like a woman, one of the lady's turns to him and says how are you? The man says fine. The lady then asks are you expecting soon as she points to his belly? He reply's yes I am. The woman says well in that case i think i see the baby's leg poking out of your swimsuit.

The Lonely Rig Worker

An oil rig mechanic returns to his cabin after his shift and discovers his cabinmate sitting on the edge of his bunk, his feet in a basin, hastily scraping a razor over his soaped-up legs.
"Um, hey, what are you up to?" asks the mechanic.
"I was talking to old Joe in the canteen today," says his cabinmate, "and I mentioned I was feeling homesick. He told me that when he feels homesick, he shaves one of his legs before bed, and with a little imagination it feels like he's at home laying with his wife again. I thought it was a fantastic idea and ran straight back here."
"I've heard of guys doing that," says the mechanic, "but why are you shaving both legs?"
"Well, I'll be going home in a few days," he replies, "so tonight I'm having a t**...!"

A woman goes to the vet

A woman goes the the vet to get her dog looked at because it isn't hearing what she says. And he says "He has a lot of hair in his ears, that's why he doesn't respond" So he takes Nair and puts it on a Q-tip and rubs it on the insides of his ears, and the dog is fine. The vet says "If you do this every few weeks, he should be fine."
So she goes to the pharmacy, gets a can of nair, and goes to the check out. The cashier tells her, "If you use this on your legs, don't shave them for at least three days." And she tells him she's not using it on her legs. "If you use it on your armpits, don't shave them for at least three days." And she says "I'm actually going to use it on my schnauzer." "In that case, don't ride your bike for at least a week."

A little boy saw his mother n**.....

and asked her, "What is that between your legs?"
The woman, having not s**... her p**... hair in a while, says, "It's my wash cloth, darling." The woman shaves her p**... hair that night.
A few days later, the boy sees his mother n**... again. "Mom, where did your wash cloth go?"
"I lost it, darling," his mother replies.
A few days after that, the mom comes home to the excited little boy. "Mommy, mommy, I found your wash cloth!!"
"Where, darling?" She asked, confused.
"The lady next door was washing dad's face with it!"

A woman takes her dog for a walk in the snow...

A woman takes her dog for a walk in the snow. When she gets home, she sees that his paws are frozen solid, and caked with ice! The next day she takes her dog to the vet, and asks
"can you shave my dog's paws so that snow doesn't get stuck in his fur?" The vet responds
"Shaving isn't the best option for dog paws, you should go to the drugstore and use some Nair shampoo instead." At the drugstore, the woman goes to check out with her bottle of Nair. Upon seeing this, the pharmacist says
"If you're using this on your legs, be sure not to shave for three days to avoid irritation." The woman responds
"No, it's not for my legs" The pharmacist says
"Well, if you're using this on your underarms, don't use deodorant for three days to avoid irritation there." The woman says
"Oh, no, it's for my Schnauzer." The pharmacist responds
"In that case, when you're done, don't ride your bike for a while."
-My barber told this one, today.