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I asked my friend if he would ever dare to shave his n**... with a straight razor

He said he tried it once while in college, but it was so bad that he hasn't got the b**... to try it again.

A man driving down a winding country lane noticed two people on the road.

They were wearing robes and sandals, had s**... heads and holding up signs.
One sign read "The End is Near!"
The other sign read "Change Before it's Too Late!"
He slowed the car and rolled down the window. "Get lost you religious nuts!" He yelled.
He sped off round the corner. There was a squeal of brakes and a loud splash.
One of the sign- holders turned to the other and said "Maybe we should simply write 'warning: bridge ahead closed'"

Let's hear best "Confucius Say" jokes you got

My first Confucius Say joke was this:
>Confucius Says...Crowded Elevator Smell Different to Midget
Today while shaving in the shower I came up with this one
>Confucius Says...Man who shave n**... with straight razor will not have a ball

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