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A man accidentally sharted in church last week, everyone moved away from him.

He had to sit on his own pew.

Old Farts Football

One night, an elderly couple lies in bed when all of a sudden the wife farts. She giggles and says "touchdown, 7 to nothing". The husband was startled by this, but not wanting to lose he tried as hard as he could to f**... and tie the game. He tried so hard, that he sharted. The wife questioned what the odd noise was, and the husband replied "after a quick first half, the second half is starting so we better switch sides".

I sharted at church today... [OC]

And let me tell ya... it feels awful sitting in your own pew.

I am smart

I am smart but brokenhearted,
I tried to f**... but instead I sharted.
- - Emily Dickinson, 1626

Does a f**... weigh?

No? Well, then I sharted

Rome wasn't built in a day

But on the first day, they sharted

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