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My mother died a few years ago. I recently came across her death certificate and had a brilliant idea!

"I know how we can bring mom back!" I exclaimed. "Get me a Sharpie!"
My sister, looked at me confused, "Why?"
I pointed to the border of the certificate, "It says 'void if altered'!"

(This actually happened and my sister didn't find it very funny. But we each deal with grief our own ways...)

What do you get when you cross a dog with a sharpie?

A permanent barker!

My girlfriend always wakes up with a huge smile on her face.

g**..., I love my Sharpie!

Don't know what was wrong with the delivery driver this morning.

He was all smiles until I signed his touch screen thing, then he got all shouty and mad.
I was so scared I dropped my sharpie and just closed the door.

2 newfies go fishing

So they go to the local marina and rent a small boat. After trying several spots they find a good spot and land many nice fish.
The guy in the front says to his buddy:
" This is a great spot, we should mark it"
So his pal pulls a sharpie marker out of his coat and draws a big X on the bottom of the boat.
"That ain't gonna work, siily" says the guy in the bow.
"Why not?" Asks the other guy. Bow guy responds:
"We might not get the same boat next time"

What do you get when you cross a supervisor with a sharpie?


Sharpie has a new motto...

Once you go black you never go back.

I saw someone with a Sharpie mark on their shirt the other day

I wanted to say "Hey, you got something on your shirt," but I didn't know how that would come off.

What do you call a Sharpie after it's been used a good bit?

A Dullie.
I'll see myself out.
Source: my dad.

I once saw a c**... put a large Sharpie in her

Things got a little blue.

Sharpie joke, I once saw a c**... put a large Sharpie in her

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Sharpie joke, I once saw a c**... put a large Sharpie in her

Sharpie joke, I once saw a c**... put a large Sharpie in her

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