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What soft and wrinkly but gets sharper when you use it?

Your brain! (This joke brought to you by one of my 2nd grade students. I told him it was so good I was going to put it on the internet.)

Are fat people or thin people smarter?

It depends--thin people are generally sharper, while fat people are more well-rounded.

I've got a friend with ADHD and, interestingly, he seems to be sharper than most people.

I guess that he's got AD4K.

Why do women have sharper nails?

Because they're trying to make a point.

Darren Sharper was sentenced to 18 years in prison today.

I hope he can still cover a tight end.

People say that w**... and skunk smell pretty similar.

The difference is that skunk smell is just slightly sharper, while w**... smell is more blunt.

I cut myself on my printer today.

Never buying anything from sharper image again.

You know what's sharper than this joke?

The razor your mother needs for her moustache.

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