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Thought of this last night. This is probably not that good....

Why do people with sharp teeth have a hard time being quiet?
It hurts to bite their tongue.

Politicians in the US remind me of British teeth.

Some are sharp, most are white, and all are crooked.

A bear dad and a bear mum are getting worried as they found their cub doesn't like meat...

So, the dad showed him how to catch salmons from a river, roared, and bite them with his sharp teeth.

Showing no interest at all, the cub turned to his mum.

The mum then showed him how to chase a rabbit, grabbed the rabbit on its neck, and bite on it.

The cub seems excited this time, he chased a smaller rabbit, grabbed it on its neck, showed his teeth to it, and roared, "give me your carrot".

What do you call a morality story with sharp teeth and green scales?

An allegory.

What has three legs, sharp teeth, claws and is seven feet tall ?

I don't know but it's behind you !

Why do lions have sharp teeth?

So they can graze anatomy.

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