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  1. Shark week is actually the safest time to go to the beach Because all of the sharks are busy being on TV.
  2. People from Boston will never forget that Shaquille O'Neal is hosting Shark Week this year. They love Shaq Week.
  3. Why did the shark cross the Great Barrier Reef? ...To get to the other tide!
    Shark Week Hoo Ha Ha!
  4. Shark Week I just got a notice from our cable provider about Shark Week.
    Isn't that when Congress goes back in session?
  5. The results of a recent Harris Poll on "what's scarier" forced the Discovery channel to cancel Shark week in lieu of Chuck Norris week.
  6. Chuck Norris is the most feared predator on the planet.
    That's why sharks have a Chuck Norris week.
  7. In America Martin Luther King only gets one day.... And sharks get a whole week.
    It's probably because they are great w**....
  8. Why does mlk only get one day, while sharks get an entire week? I guess it's because they're great w**......
  9. You know, it's funny how MLK only has a day while sharks get a whole week. It's probably because they're great w**....

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  1. Before Shark week I took my cable box to the urologist He had a weak stream
  2. With all the sharks on the front page, you'd think it is shark week.
  3. We have a week dedicated to sharks... sharks have a week dedicated to Chuck Norris.
  4. Sharks have a week dedicated to Chuck Norris.
  5. Sharks watch Chuck Norris week.

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There were two prawns talking together in the sea...

One was called Tom, and the other was called Christian.
"I hate being a prawn, it's too dangerous. I wish I was a shark, then I wouldn't have to worry about being eaten." Said Tom, and after he said a school of fish swam past him and with a whoosh, Tom was transformed in to a shark. Christian got scared of Tom and swam home.
A week later, Tom was swimming around was felt really bored and depressed.
"I hate being a shark... It's so boring and I have no friends..." Tom sighed, but after another minute of swimming he found the school of fish that granted his wish a week ago and he swam over to them.
"Hi, could you pleases grant me another wish? I hate being a shark, I want to be a prawn again." And after a whoosh, Tom was back to being a prawn again. Exited, he swam to his friend's house, b**... on the door.
"Go away shark! I know you're there!" Was the reply.
"Hey! Come on and open the door! I'm not a shark anymore! I'm a prawn again Christian!"

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