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  1. Why did the lady with multiple personality disorder share her food with a friend? Because Sharon is Karen.
  2. Why shouldn't you share your food with a statistician? Because they always want a large sample
  3. My parents were nice people. They shared everything with me and my 4 siblings. Food, presents, love, diabetes...

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  1. Why didn't the shrimp share his food?? He was a little shellfish
  2. I was going to share a vegetable joke but it's corny.
  3. I hate it when I offer to share my food. And they accept it.

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Some students notice an elderly couple in the McDonald's with only one meal on the table...

"Excuse me," says one of the students, "I noticed that you only have one meal between you. If you'd like we could get another for you, it's no trouble."
"That's very kind of you," replies the elderly woman, "but you see, in our marriage my husband and I share everything. This is enough food for both of us."
A few minutes later, the students again notice that the only elderly man is eating while his wife sits in still silence.
"Perhaps we could get that meal for you after all?" another student asks sheepishly. To which the woman replies:
"Oh no, it's fine. I'm waiting for my turn with the dentures."

Old couple goes to a fast food restorant.

They order one burger and fries, sit down and divide the burger and fries. A man from table next to them sees that and asks politely: "If you want, I can buy some extra food for you." "No thanks, we are a old couple, we share everything." Time goes by and the man is eating, but the woman is not. From the table next to them, the man asks again:"I really have no problem buying you food." Man replies:"Dodnt worry about it, she will eat! We share everything" But the stranger is not happy with that and asks the woman:"Why are you not eating?" Woman looks at him and says:"I am waiting for the teeth."

Two lawyers sit in a restaurant.

They're eating homemade sandwiches.
The server comes along and stops them: "Excuse me, but it is not allowed to bring your own food here"
The lawyers share a glance, sigh and trade the sandwiches.

Hermit c**... have been known to have symbiotic relationships with sea anemones.

The c**... let the anemones ride around on their shells and will even share food with them.
It's a prime example of keepng your friends close and your anemones closer.

One night a man and woman went to his house to have s**.

.. when he stopped her to say "I still live with my parents and me and my brother share bunk beds so if you want to change positions say "lettuce" and if you want to go faster say "tomatos"
So they were getting it on and she was screaming "lettuce, lettuce, tomatos, lettuce, tomatos, tomatos"
Suddenly the younger brother (on the bottom bunk) said
"Could you stop making sandwiches your getting mayonase on me"!

Felt compelled to share this offensive joke: Women should be like the light in the refrigerator...

Slightly amazing every time you see them, able to brigthen a cold dark place, mysterious until you find the little button that turns them on, constantly showing delicious food and beers, producing no audible sound, always in the kitchen, and there when you need them but gone at the flick of your wrist.

My dad tonight at dinner. Thought I would share.

My sister was in a hurry to get to a hockey game and was anxious to eat supper.
Sister: We better get eatin' soon.
Dad: I hope not, we still have food to eat.
Sister: *Blank stare*
tl;dr: Eaten vs eating

So a guy and a girl go to a party...

One day a guy asks a girl to come to a party with him. The girl accepts and and so he decides that he should get her some flowers as a gift. So he goes to the shop but there is a huge line to get the flowers so he waits and after about half an hour he finally manages to buy the flowers and get home.
When they get to the venue the girl asks the guy to go wait in line for them because it was cold and the line was long. So he does and after waiting a long time they get in.
Once they are in the girl asks the guy to get them something to eat. So he goes to get them something to eat and sure enough again there is a massively long line. After a while he gets to the front to get the girl some food and goes back to where they were sitting.
They chat for few minutes and then she asks him to go get her some punch. But thankfully there was no punch line.
(I can't remember where I saw this joke, it was a while ago, but I thought I'd share it. :)

A monk joins a monastery and takes a vow of silence

To encourage reflection, the monks who vow silence are required to share one thought on the five-year anniversary with the head Monk.
After five years, the monk meets with the head monk and he says, "food is bland, should be spicy to engage our senses!"
Five years later, another thought, "Bed too hard, should be softer to allow easy rest to encourage restful body."
Five years later, he meets with the head Monk. "I can't take it anymore! I'm ending my vow and leaving the Monastery!"
"Good!" The head monk responds, "All you've done for 15 years is complain!"

An elderly couple walks into McDonalds...

...and they order a single meal. A man sitting nearby watches as they carefully divide the burger and fries in half. He feels sorry for them and offers to buy them another meal. "It's ok," says the husband, "we share everything."
After a few minutes the man notices that the wife has not touched her food while the husband is busy scarfing away. "I'm serious, it's no trouble," he says. "I can buy you guys another meal."
"And I'm serious," replies the husband. "We share everything! Don't worry about it."
The man looks to the wife and asks "Why aren't you eating?"
She replies, "because I'm waiting for the teeth!"

A woman sees an old couple sharing a meal at McDonald...

A woman walks into McDonald and orders her meal. As she sits down with her food, she sees an old couple in a corner booth sharing a single happy meal. The old woman ate while the old man watched hungrily.
"They must be really poor", she thought and decided to do a good dead and bought another meal and brought over to the old couple. When she brought the meal over and explained, the old man thanked her but declined.
"Thank you, my dear, but we have plenty of money. We are sharing because when we were married over 50 years ago we vowed to share everything. Even a simple meal"
The woman who bought the meal was embarrassed and apologized, but she had one more question before she left them alone.
"I understand sharing everything, but why are you watching her eat? why not split the meal and eat together?" she asked
The old man flashed his gums to the younger woman and told her:
"Because it's her turn for the teeth"

An elderly couple go to a restaurant

One day, an elderly couple walk into a restaurant.
They sit down and order one meal.
When the waiter serves the meal, the woman splits everything in half and shares it with her husband. The meal, the salad, and the drink.
Intrigued by this strange behavior, the guy sitting next to them asks the couple if he can buy them an extra meal.
The woman tells him that there is no need for that. She explains to him that she and her husband took an oath to share everything they have and split things in half whenever they can.
"Fine" says the man. "But why are you not eating your food? Why are you watching your husband eat instead?".
The woman answers him: As I said, we share everything. We only have one Denture.
^^Denture: ^^Set ^^of ^^false ^^teeth.

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