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I came out to my asian parents as a trans woman and told them I have a boyfriend named Shane.

I think they are taking it pretty well. They said they did't have a son and I would bring Shane to the family.

A little joke my 9 year old brother told me

Timmy(brother): Hey Shane, how do you sell a chicken to a deaf person?
Me(Shane): How timmy?
He then proceeds to shout in my face, taking me off-guard
Timmy: WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY A CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would be a good punchline for this joke?

I'm usually good at this, but I can't think of how to end this line: Shane Battier is on the ground more than _____." There's a ton of good punchlines floating around for it, but I can't seem to grasp one.

What did Ferris Bueller name his donkey?

Shane, darling donkey Shane.

"Heads or tails?"

Asked Shane Dawson to his cat

Shane Warne and the Great Barrier Reef are world famous

They are also both bleached till within an inch of life left.

An archeologist found a t**....

An archeologist found a t**....
He wondered what period it was from.
(Not my joke! Credit to Shane Koyczan's poet friend)

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