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Funniest Shaky Short Jokes

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  1. My friend told me this hilarious joke about Parkinson's last night But I don't want to tell it because I'm a little shaky on the details.
  2. The new film coming out about a kid with cerebral palsy isn't doing well with critics . . . . . It gets off to a shaky start then ends up falling flat on it's face
  3. Earth day started with an Earthquake 3 minutes into the game Just a reminder to how shaky 2020 is
  4. I used to be a big fan of Michael J Fox... ...but his latest performances have been a little shaky.
  5. Did you know Eric Stoltz was up to play Marty McFly? But the director thought he was too shaky early in filming.
  6. Why haven't scientists cured Parkinson's disease yet? Their research is still a little shaky.
  7. Why were the cop's hands to shaky to place a parking fine on a vehicle? [OC] He had to work on his fine-motor skills.
    Who's car was it?
    His parkin' son.
  8. Why did Nike release a vine of the "Back to the Future" Power Lace shoes?? Because the pictures were way to shaky......
  9. Michael J Fox's acting career has been a little shaky as of late... Credit to u/Cha0s141999
  10. My internet connection is a lot like my grandad It's down most of the time, and even when it's up, it's shaky as h**... and we all know it's gonna go down again soon

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Shaky One Liners

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  1. I'm not a doctor... so my understanding of Parkinsons is a little shaky.
  2. Why do women prefer older Gynecologists? Their shaky hands!
  3. Did you hear about the Deaf guy with Parkinson's? His sign language was a little shaky
  4. why do females love old gynecologists... because of their shaky fingers
  5. I got yelled at for telling a Parkinson's joke Apparently it's a shaky subject
  6. I heard that the Parkinson's Olympics got off to a shaky start.
  7. What do you call a shaky dash cam? Daesh cam
  8. Why do women prefer elderly gynecologists? They really enjoy the shaky hands.
  9. What will we call Eminem if he gets arthritis? Slim Shaky.
  10. Why do women like old gynecologists? Shaky hands.
  11. I don't know about Michael J. Fox... His last few performances have been kind of shaky.

Shaky joke, I don't know about Michael J. Fox...

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An elderly woman with a shaky voice walks into a s**... shop and asks, "Do y-y-ooou-u s-s-sell vib-b-rat-ors?", the store worker told her "Yes we do, ma'am."

She replied, "H-h-how d-do I t-turn-n it off-ff?"

Two men are walking down the street when a dog that's foaming at the mouth viciously bites one of them, then runs off...

"Oh my god!" cries the other man. "That dog must have rabies!"
"Rabies?" says the bitten man. Looking frightened and shaky, he takes a notepad and a pen out of his pocket and starts to scribble something down.
"Wait!" says his friend, "We can get you tested and vaccinated for rabies if we go to the hospital right now. You don't have to start writing your will."
"It's not a will, " the bitten man says with an evil grin. "It's a list of people I hate that I want to bite!"

A cop sees a car going slowly down the highway...

The cop pulls the car over and sees an old lady at the wheel, and three passengers who look terrified.
"Ma'am, were you aware you were going 34 miles an hour in an 80 zone?"
"I saw it say 34 on the sign"
"Ma'am, that's the route number. Why does everyone in your car look so traumatized?"
One of the passengers says in a shaky voice "We just got off of route 137."

What business are you in?

I'll start
'What business are you in?'
'I'm in the Necrophiliac business.'
'How is it?'
'Fucking dead.'
'What business are you in?'
'I'm in the Parkinson's business.'
'How is it?'
'Bit shaky at the moment.'
A game we played as 13 year olds. Plenty more in the tank

A tourist returning from an extended trip was about to cross the last river on the way to the railroad station for home

"Say, cap'n," he said, as he stepped timidly into the rickety old craft, "this boat seems very shaky; was anybody ever lost in her?"
"Not to my knowledge," replied the boatman. "There was three men drowned from her last Thursday, but we found them all the next day."

Indian Instincts

There was an Indian chief who wanted to show his son the way of the woods. He gets on the ground and hears a noise.
"Buffalo come."
"How do you know?"
"Ground shaky."
The boy wanted to try. He gets on the ground, listens.
"Man come."
"Is there a vibration?"
"Then how do you know?"
"Ground sticky."

"Boy, those people look like ants!"

A man, riddled with fear, is in the middle of his first flying lesson. With a shaky voice, weak knees and pants that once were dry he shudders to the instructor "Boy, those people look like ants!!" and the instructor reluctantly replies "That's because they are. We haven't left yet Carl."

Shaky joke, Did you know Eric Stoltz was up to play Marty McFly?