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Cop: where are you in the night of the murder?

Shakira: at my home.

Shakira's Hips: she's at the bar where the murder take place.

Shakira: son of a--

Why did Shakira marry a soccer player

For his stamina mina eh eh!

Did you hear that Shakira and Madonna had a big fight?

They're no longer on a first-name basis.

Shakira joke, Did you hear that Shakira and Madonna had a big fight?

How did Shakira win her partner over?

She Piqued his curiosity.

Why does Shakira have such a hard time sleeping at night?

Because her hips won't lie.

So I heard Shakira wrote a screenplay

She titled it "She Wolf of Wall Street"

Shakira recently got charged with Tax Evasion.

Her hips don't like, but her tax forms do,

Shakira joke, Shakira recently got charged with Tax Evasion.

Shakira : "Telling lies?"

Hips : "No Papa"

For shakira, SMH means..

Shaking my hips

Why should you date Shakira?

You can always tell if she lies.

The hips don't lie

Police officer: where were you last night?

Shakira: i was at home having a night in, and watching a movie

Shakira's hips: she was at the party where the murder took place

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Sorry ma'am, but your hips have failed the polygraph test

Shakira: how can this be?

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