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Funniest Shady Short Jokes

Short shady jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The shady humour may include short shades jokes also.

  1. So 2 tree got arrested in the town I live... Heard they've been doing some shady business.
  2. Few years ago I saw Slim Shady in concert and instead of rapping he just kept pulling his pants down and mooning the crowd. Honestly the whole thing was just Em bare assing.
  3. What if Steven Hawking... What if Steven Hawking is the real Slim shady, but we don't know because he cant stand up.
  4. My wife didn't understand why the Umbrella salesman was being so vague. I had to remind her it's a shady business.
  5. What part of the body did the chiropractor fix when Eminem came in? ♪ *Shady's back* ♪
  6. Forestry. Now there's a shady business.
  7. I don't trust companies that plant trees It's such a shady business.
  8. I don't like sunglasses They're shady
  9. What do you call a suspicious Arab rapper? Salim Shady
  10. I have a very good reason not to trust trees They seem shady

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Shady One Liners

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  1. I don't trust umbrellas. They're shady.
  2. Why can't you trust an artist? Cuz they're sketchy, shady, and they'll frame you
  3. Don't trust people who avoid the sun. They're shady.
  4. It's so hot outside that I almost called my ex. So I could be around something shady.
  5. Why don't I like trees? They look kinda shady to me
  6. I don't usually trust trees. Some of them can be pretty shady.
  7. I don't trust Bonsai trees. They are a little shady.
  8. What do you call a fish who raps? A. Swim Shady
  9. I don't trust those trees They seem kind of shady
  10. Why do trees seem suspicious on sunny days? Don't know they're just a bit shady.
  11. How do shady Egyptians make money? Pyramid schemes.
  12. So I was hanging out with this tree... It was shady, so I left.
  13. What if Stephen Hawking Is the real Slim Shady but he can't stand up
  14. What do you call a skinny tree? The Real Slim Shady
  15. I always get burnt during summer time. I would go under trees but they're a little shady.

Slim Shady Jokes

Here is a list of funny slim shady jokes and even better slim shady puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What would happen if Eminem lost weight and started doing questionable things? He'd be the real Slim Shady.
  • What do you call a skinny man in sunglasses? Slim Shady.
  • What if Stephen hawking was the real slim shady? but we would never know because he couldn't stand up?
  • What did Slim Shady ask the class on his first day of teaching at music school? "Hi kids, do you like violins?"
  • How do you qualify a slim and seemingly shady argument? It's an ad eminem.
  • If Stephen Hawkin was the real slim shady how would we know? Just think about that for a second.
  • Why did the government seize Slim Shady's property? It was emineminent domain.
  • I just found out I've been being recorded by a hacker on my computer for the past couple of days; I need some legal advice. I admitted to being the real slim shady
  • If Eminem lost weight and started wearing sunglasses... he'd be The Real Slim Shady
  • What do you call a skinny rapper in the dark? Slim Shady
Shady joke, What do you call a skinny rapper in the dark?

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What funny jokes about shady you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean sketchy jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make shady pranks.

The blinds store

So there's this store down the street called "Bailey's Blinds", and I can't help but wonder that it must be a front for some sort of i**... activity. Money laundering, perhaps? Or maybe it's an incognito hub for illicit products of some nature. I mean, how can a business possibly function for over 15 years while consistently profitable, by selling nothing but blinds? ...It's a shady business if you ask me.

Did you hear the one about the umbrella in the trench coat and sunglasses?

He was looking shady.

Why aren't sombreros more popular?

They look shady

Wearing sunglasses makes you look


I saw something really shady in my neighborhood the other day.

An awning.

In art class I was told black was a shade not a color.

That must mean black people aren't colored: they're shady.

My neighbors have really overgrown trees in their yard and keep their curtains down all the time

I think that's pretty shady

get away from the tree

Dad: get away from that tree son!
Son: why dad?
Dad: it looks shady

I don't have black, Mexican, or Asian friends...

But some of my friends are a bit more shady than others.

Why was the man suspicous about the tree?

I dunno, it seemed a bit shady.

What's the difference between r**... and rapping?

One's mostly done by criminals in shady neighborhoods, and the other is s**... without consent.

I just bought sunglasses off of the black market

The trade was very shady.

Never trust a Parasol...

I hear they can be shady.

The police station installed "Safe Spots" for Craigslist sales...

Which is great because I always met in a park under a tree but it always seemed so shady.

Never trust trees.

They're shady.

What kind of people should you stay away from?

Trees. They're quite shady.

I like my girls like I like my coffee...

Fresh, not matured, and sold from a shady part of South America.

What does a sheepdog say when he sees something shady going down?

"Let's get the flock out of here"

I don't trust trees...

They're a little shady...
And they killed my dog.

rumour has it Eminem has converted to Islam.

From now on, he will call himself "Muslim Shady."

What marker is only sold in shady areas?

Mr. Sketch.

THIS JUST IN: michael phelps is reportedly joining the rap olympics.

They are already calling him swim shady.

There something I don't like about the tree in my font yard.

Seems kinda shady!

Did you hear about the sunglasses theif?

He was pretty shady.

I was walking around a shady street late at night, and someone pulled a pair of scissors out at me.

Fortunately, I pulled a rock. Had I pulled out paper, I would've have lost.

Were the Normans shady?

To be frank, they turned out to be a fief.

What do you get when you cross Eminem with a slug?

Slime Shady.

[My first ever submission!] A man is driving through a shady part of town...

...When he pulls up at a stop sign.
A woman of the night, about 3 inches tall, approaches his car and shouts to him in a voice that betrays any femininity; "Hey darl, you looking for a good time? I'm only 10 cents per hour."
The driver replies "Sorry, I don't want any micro-transactions."

A blonde was walking down a shady alley, when all of a sudden a mugger jumps out from behind cover and says "I have a knife, give me all your money!"

She screamed and yelled "Don't shoot!"

Did you hear about the two lawyers who set up shop under the old oak tree?

I heard it was a pretty shady business.

A guy was sitting under the tree in my front yard too long, so I called the cops

sitting under the tree that long, its GOT to be shady.

Eminem has decided to convert to Islam.

He's now known as Muslim Shady.

I wouldn't say that America is in dark times...

but I will say it's a bit shady.

I saw a guy put on two pairs of sunglasses.

He looked pretty shady.

What's the nickname for a particular fast swimming rapper?

The real Swim Shady.

I've had a very shady past...

I've been working in the umbrella industry for over 20 years

Two Australians walk into a shady biker bar..

..somewhere in Texas. Inside of course is the whole gang drinking, music stops, crickets...
The boss of the gang asks:
Did you come here to die?
Australians respond:
No, we came in yesterday

Friend told me this one, What do you call a shady Italian neighborhood

A Spahgeto

I used to work in a parasol company and I've gotta tell you,

it was some shady business.

Trust no one. Not even your own shadow.

Mine's been acting shady.

what did the dad say to the tree

"I don't trust that tree. it seems a little shady."

People keep saying I should take a walk in my local forest, but I'm not so sure...

It's a pretty shady area

A man is walking to his car late at night

When he sees a woman on a shady corner. He goes up to ask if she's alright and she responds
"I'm a h**..., are you interested?"
The man decides to live a little and takes her up on her offer and they go back to his car and go at it like rabbits.
Some time during, a cop pulls up and knocks on the window.
"Excuse me sir what exactly are you doing?"
The man answers "I'm having s**... with my wife"
The cop replies with "I apologize, I didn't know."
The man responds with "Me neither."

My car broke down on the side of the road at night. Just my luck, some shady hoodlums approached my vehicle after only a few minutes...

What a relief, they totally jumped me!

Dad: I don't trust those trees son.

Son: why not dad?
Dad: I don't know, they seem kinda shady

My dad taught me to avoid lamps with burned out bulbs...

He is opinion on such shady chatacters was dim.

Why are forests so creepy?

Because the trees are all shady.

Why shouldn't you trust trees?

Because they're shady af

What do you call a man who raps about the Quran?

Muslim shady

When they didn't accept my discount, I gave my local tanning salon a low rating...

It seemed a little shady to me.

Three old ladies are sitting on a park bench...

A shady man in a large trench coat approaches them. The man opens his large coat and flashes the frail old ladies. Two of them have a s**....... the third one couldn't reach.

I don't trust the tree in my front yard.

It seems kind of shady.

What can you find in a dog park at night?

Some shady s**....

A strange woman approached me in a shady bar.

She winked, and said "For $50, darling, I'll do stuff for you your wife would never do."
I gave her $50, got her to do the ironing.

Eminem converted to Islam

Muslim shady

Shady joke, Eminem converted to Islam

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