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Recently the police were called to the residence of an elderly couple. The Chief radios the station that the wife has shot the husband.

The Sgt. at the station stammers "What? Why?" The Chief calls back "Well, apparently she warned him about walking on her freshly mopped floors one more time..." Sarge is in utter disbelief "Did you go and arrest her??" Chief said not yet. Sarge asked what the hell he's waiting for. Chief radios back "The floor still isn't dry..."

Police officer calls his sergeant

Police Officer: Hey Sgt. We are at a murder scene where wife stabbed her husband 10 times because he walked into the kitchen while she was mopping.

Sgt: Is suspect in custody!

Police Officer: No sir, the floor is still wet!!

Why did Lt. Lenk and Sgt. Colborn cross the road?

To put the bones on the other side.

What did Alex Mercer actually say to sgt Heller when they first met? (Prototype joke)


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