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This article gives you a few sewer jokes that you can share with your friends. From a slide down the sewer pipe to jokes about the railroad and manholes to the drain, these jokes are sure to get everyone laughing. Have fun and laugh out loud with these hilarious sewer jokes.

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Best Short Sewer Jokes

These are our top sewer puns. Have fun with a good sewer joke in English with simple sewer humour.

  1. How do you tell the difference between a seamstress and a plumber? Ask them to pronounce the word "sewer".
  2. How we know that God is not an engineer When designing the human body, an engineer would not run a sewer line through a recreational area.
  3. my friend was found dead in a drain. The police said he had killed himself.
    "How can you be sure" I asked.
    They said "it's clearly sewer-cide"
  4. Why did the Christian convert quit his job at the sewer company? Because entering manholes was no longer his thing.
  5. How are a lid on a sewer and a pair of men's underwear the same? They're both manhole covers.
  6. Why is it a terrible idea to get in a legal dispute with anyone at the sanitation department? They have lots of Sewers
  7. Why are sewer covers called manholes? If they were called womanholes, guys would keep trying to get in.
  8. How to get a divorce Wife: Honey, how do I look?
    Husband: Like a.. Well, great!
    Wife: Good great or bad great?
    Husband: Overflowing sewer grate.
  9. Why does Pennywise live in the sewer? He used to live in a septic tank but he ran out of room for his floaters.
  10. Everybody really loves the new "IT" movie. But when I dress up as a clown, and lure kids into the sewer with red balloons I get diagnosed as a psychopath.
Sewer joke, Everybody really loves the new "IT" movie.

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Sewer One Liners

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  1. What do you call a dirty tailor? A sewer.
  2. What do you call it when a sewer collapses on itself? Sewercide
  3. What do you call a sewer that keeps questioning everything. A sceptic sewer.
  4. My city likes their sewers like I like my ads Blocked
  5. Did you hear about the protest from the sewer dwellers? They were revolting.
  6. What do you call a group of people that hang out by sewers? Sewer-side Squad
  7. What do you call someone that's really into drainage systems? A Connoi-sewer
  8. Why did the citizen run for Sewer Commissioner? He thought it was his civic doodie!
  9. How did the ex-convict get stuck in the sewer grate? He felon.
  10. What did the man do after falling into a manhole? Sewer-cide
  11. My Aunt Sue is a rather mediocre knitter She's a so-so sewer Sue
  12. Life is like a sewer What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.
  13. A duck fell into the sewer system the other day... It was pretty fowl-smelling.
  14. Right now I'm part of one of the largest networks on Earth. The sewer-connected butts.
  15. What do you do when the female plumber messes up your plumbing? You Sewer

Sewer joke, What do you do when the female plumber messes up your plumbing?

Silly & Ridiculous Sewer Jokes to Spread Joy & Laughter

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You've asked for more Russian jokes...

The sewer system is broken and is full of s**.... Maintenance crew arrived. The old experienced guy jumps into the sewer and asks the young apprentice to pass him a tool, then another one. Finally, after it's fixed, he gets out of the sewer, covered in s**... from head to feet and says:
"Learn from the master, otherwise the only thing you will ever do is pass the tools!"

Did you hear that a sewer pipe broke at the football stadium during a game?

Apparently, the s**... hit the fans.

What does a sewer and a politician have in common

They are both full of s**...

Amusingly, the flow of e**... in the sewer system is well-regulated.

And thanks to modern architectural decor, it's all in all a pretty solid waste system.

Why did Dory warn Nemo about escaping through the toilet?

Because it was a sewer side mission!

I used to think I was a steel grate that drains water from the street

But now I'm not so sewer.

A sentient sewer system was taken to court after abonding its duties. However it couldn't testify.

It had taken a valve of silence!

Why was the sewerage worker so upset?

He felt he was always getting the wrong end of the stick.

If "the big one" hits L.A., they say the sewer system will be out of commission for six months.

So how will they tell?

Sewer joke, What do you do when the female plumber messes up your plumbing?

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