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  1. God is obviously a Civil Engineer... ... Only a civil engineer would route a sewage system through a playground.
  2. The villagers mourned the king and his jester after an unfortunate sewage accident. The town casts down frowns when their crown and his clown drowned in the brown.
  3. A company has developed a piece of technology that is putting plumbers out of business A pair of boots that get sewage all over my carpet by themselves!
  4. I told my future wife that I inherited the family's sewage treatment business. She said: "you must be filthy rich"
    To which I replied: "mostly, except for being rich"
  5. What do you call a used sanitary towel floating around the sewage treatment plant? A blood vessel.
  6. Did you hear about the flock of crows that were sprayed with sewage? It was a m**... most foul.
  7. It was take your kids to work today, my kids hated it as I work at a sewage plant.
    You should've seen their little f**....

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  1. Why do they bother saying raw sewage ? Do some people actually cook that stuff?
  2. What do you call sewage from Beverly Hills? Affluent effluent
  3. You ever wonder why Sewage workers are so depressed? They're always down in the dumps
  4. Why do economists love sewage treatment plants? Because they are a utility.
  5. What's a good motto for a sewage treatment plant? Our duty is clear.
  6. My sewage wasn't working very well. It was a real drain.
  7. What do you call dirty stitching? Sewage
  8. I used to work with sewage.. I was just going through the motions.
  9. What type of money do you get from suing people? Sewage money...
  10. Olympic Rowing ...literally is taking place in sewage.
  11. What did the Sewage Worker say to his apprentice? u**... for a surprise.
  12. How do you call the money earned by a sewage company? g**... Profit.

Sewage joke, How do you call the money earned by a sewage company?

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An Scotsman accidentally dropped a penny into an open sewage pit

The pit was full of e**..., and after a few moments of thinking the Scotsman concluded:
"It's not worth it. I will never dive in for a penny!"
Then he checked his pockets for some change, picked two pounds and throw it to the pit:
"Now it's better" he said and jumped into the sewage.

Two old guys are working at a sewage treatment plant

o**... goes off to lunch and comes back to find his buddy standing above a vat of sewage with a long rake.
"What are you doing?!" he yells
"My coat fell in" his buddy yells back
"You're not really gonna wear that again are you?!"
"No, no. Gosh no, I'm not going to wear it. I have to get it back though, My teeth are in the pocket!"

(Just a silly joke my granddad told me yesterday. Didnt see it when I searched the sub so figured yall might enjoy)

An old soviet joke.

In a prison, two inmates are comparing notes. What did they arrest you for? asks the first. Was it a political or common crime? Of course it was political. I'm a plumber. They summoned me to the district Party committee to fix the sewage pipes. I looked and said, 'Hey, the entire system needs to be replaced.' So they gave me seven years.

Three engineers are discussing God's engineering background.

The first one says, "God was clearly an electrical engineer. The human nervous system is a feat of electrical engineering genius!"
The second one says, "Absolutely not! He was a mechanical engineer. The way the muscles and bones interact are mechanically brilliant!"
The third one says, "Nope, you're both idiots. God was a civil engineer. Who else would run a sewage line right through a playground?"

A sewage worker has just started his first day on the job

He and his supervisor are standing over a manhole and the new guy begins to climb down.
Suddenly he looks up with a look of mild panic in his eyes and says,
"Wait, what happens if I fall in?"
His supervisor looks down and him and replies,
"Son, if you fall, u**... over you head."

Sewage joke, How do you call the money earned by a sewage company?

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