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Funniest Sesame Street Short Jokes

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  1. My girlfriend asked me who my favorite vampire is. I replied, "The one from Sesame Street."
    She said, "He doesn't count."
    "Oh I assure you, he does."
  2. A friend asked me who my favourite vampire was. "That puppet from Sesame Street", I replied.
    They told me he didn't count.
    I said, "I beg to differ...".
  3. I was recently asked who my favourite vampire was. I said, the muppet from Sesame Street. They told me, He doesn't count!
    I replied, I assure you, he does.
  4. What's the difference between Leonardo Dicaprio and Sesame Street? Sesame Street has an Oscar.
  5. Someone asked me who my favorite vampire is in pop culture... I said, "The one from Sesame Street."
    They said, "He doesn't count!"
    "I assure you," I said, "He does."
  6. Who else thinks it's time we called Sesame Street out for what it really is? Show of hands
  7. Someone asked me who my favorite vampire was... I said it was the muppet from Sesame Street.
    They said "He doesn't count".
    I replied, "I assure you, he does".
  8. Her: Who is your favorite literary vampire?..... Me: The one in Sesame Street.... Her: He doesn't count Me: Oh I can assure you that he does
  9. I think that one puppet from Sesame Street is my favorite vampire ever. Some people claim he doesn't count, but I'm certain that he does.
  10. Did you hear about the time that Lars Ulrich played a minister on Sesame Street? He was the Pastor of Muppets.

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Sesame Street One Liners

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  1. Who's Leonardo Dicaprio's least favorite Sesame Street character? Oscar
    im so sorry
  2. There's only one vampire on Sesame Street... At least, only one that counts.
  3. Why did Leonardo DiCaprio visit Sesame Street? It was his only chance to see an Oscar
  4. Why is it called Sesame Street? They couldn't call it Thyme Square.
  5. Who is your favorite sesame street character? I like the Vampire, but he doesn't count
  6. When I say I'm street smart... ... I mean Sesame Street.
  7. The Sesame Street puzzle I bought said 3-5 years But I finished it in 18 months
  8. What kind of cake do you get on Sesame Street? A Bert-day cake!
  9. He's street smart. Sesame Street smart.
  10. Word on the sesame street is... The cookie monster's a real macadamia nut.
  11. I'm putting sesame street characters in brine jars Pickle me elmo
  12. What streets do kids love most? Sesame street
  13. How do yo get to Sesame Street? Unzip my pants and ask big bird
  14. How do Sesame Street characters reproduce? Big bird's eggs and ABCmen.
  15. Who's the best rapper in Sesame Street? Lil u**... Bert

Sesame Street Count Jokes

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  • Bob from Sesame Street made it to 90. When asked for comment The Count said "This is going to take some time."
  • Why is the count from Sesame Street still single? Because he doesn't ever wanna Miss Count.
  • The voice actor for The Count on Sesame Street passed away this year... I guess his number was up.
  • Sesame Street never allowed Mrs. Piggy to count to 100. Everytime she made it to 69, she got a frog in her t**....

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My girlfriend asked me who my favorite vampire was...

I told her it was the dude from Sesame street
She said, "He doesn't count."
I said, "Oh I assure you, he does."
(obligatory cake day joke)

While discussing horror movies, my friend asked me who my favorite monster from film is.

Me: "Hmmm that's a tough one. I think I'd have to go with the vampire from Sesame Street."
Friend: "What!? He doesn't count."
Me: "Oh I assure you, he does."

Big Bird walks into a bar

Big Bird walks into a gritty bar off Sesame Street and sits all alone and orders a beer. "Sometimes I just feel left out by all my peers. You know, all alone," he complains to the bartender. "I guess I just feel ostrich sized."

One hot summer day on Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie are sitting on the stoop outside their apartment.

Bert turns to Ernie and says, _"Want to go get some ice cream?"_
Ernie replies, _"Sure Bert."_

Why is Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street so angry all the time?

Irritable Vowel Syndrome.

sesame street awards

If sesame street had an awards show would they be handing out Oscars?

Why couldn't Big Bird hang out with the sesame street gang?

Because he was ostrich-sized...

The Vampire from Sesame Street decided to buy everyone gifts with money he earned through s**... work.

The gifts were really bad but everyone was appreciative because after all,
It's the thot that Counts!
I made up this joke. Hope you like it :)

I heard Oscar the Grouch was getting kicked off of Sesame Street.

Apparently he was trash talking the other cast members behind their backs.

I'm surprised Metallica hasn't been on Sesame Street,

After all they are the Master of Puppets.

President Trump should go on Sesame Street to explain his actions.

It's important in times of crisis to hold politicians to account

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