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What happens when a computer engineer fails flirting with a waitress?

Error in connecting to the server

What message did the cyborg see upon his failed attempt to flirt with the waitress?

Error! Unable to establish a connection with server.

A robot tried to start a conversation with an attractive waitress

But he wasn't so successful in doing so. The error message read:
`Error: failed to establish connection with server. `

What do you call it when a waiter at an internet cafe gets your order wrong?

500 Internal Server Error

Attention Nerds!

It would be so much easier if humans came with an error message just like computers do.
Imagine sitting in a restaurant and failing miserably at flirting with the waitress.
"Warning! Error establishing connection with the Server"

What do my inability to play video games and the tomato's I didn't want on my sandwich have in common

*Server error*

The computer scientist failed when trying to hit on his waitress

ERROR: Connection to server not found

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