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  1. Have you heard about the sequel to the Exorcist ? In the new version, a woman hires the Devil
    to get a priest out of her son.
  2. Did you know Avatar is a sequel to Titanic? It picks up where Titanic left off, in the sense that half the cast is blue and dying.
  3. This week Lego Batman sold more tickets than the sequel to 50 Shades of Grey... When asked to comment about this 50 Shades stated "It's okay, I like to be dominated."
  4. If they release three more sequels of 'Fast and Furious' series... They should name the last one - "Fast10 - Your Seatbelt" in memory of Paul Walker.
  5. Mattel made Uno™ a "sequel" called Dos™ Legend says they started on the next one, but they disappeared without a Tres™...
  6. I'll only watch a Passion of the Christ sequel under one condition. Jesus has to say, you crossed the wrong guy!
    Nailed it.
  7. Donald Trump is set to star in a sequel to the movie Dodgeball Because if you can dodge a draft you can dodge a ball.
  8. I've written a script for a film about an action hero who works in accounts. The sequels going to be set in a different department.
    This time it's personnel.
  9. Disney is already working on a sequel to beauty and the beast... They're calling it The French Prince in Belle's Snare.
  10. Absolutely loved Malcolm in the Middle. Such a great show. Not like it's super sad sequel, Malcom's Now The Oldest

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  1. You think 2020 is bad... Just wait fror the sequel, 2022
  2. Have you seen the sequel to Constipation? Nah, number two hasn't come out yet.
  3. You guys thought 2020 was bad? Just wait for the sequel, 2022.
  4. Why are first books afraid of their sequels? Because they always come after them.
  5. My doctor said I had a bad case of the Sequels.... I asked, "Well what happens next?"
  6. I never thought they would make another Jurassic Park... ...But sequels, uh, find a way.
  7. I think things are going to get much worst for Greece... I've seen the sequel.
  8. If you thought 2020 was bad, wait for the sequel... Twenty twenty-two
  9. Disney have finally announced a Ratatouille sequel! It's called "Incredible Stew"
  10. 'Marley and Me' has a sequel! It's called 'Me'...
  11. Netflix is making a sequel to Bird Box. It's called Chicken McNuggets.
  12. Who says sequels don't work? Look at the fanbase of the New Testament!
  13. If the world war was so bad ... why was there a sequel?
    Check mate athiests
  14. There's a new Back to the Future sequel coming out It's about time.
  15. New sequel to Bend It Like Beckham announced. It's called Fake It Like Neymar

Sequel joke, New sequel to  Bend It Like Beckham  announced.

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I caught some Disney employees making out

Apparently its a sequel to 'Up' or something

Why did the little girl drop her ice cream?

She got hit by a bus.
Why did the little girl's sister drop her ice cream?
Someone threw a fridge at her.

Did you hear, Henry Winker is directing the new Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel?

Yeah, it comes out next year. It's called Fifty Shades of Aaaaayyy!

Did you guys hear they're making a sequel to the hit TV show "Medium?"

It's called "Large."

I just read that Disney is making a sequel to Bambi. He gets revenge on the hunters that killed his mother. They're calling it.......


What do you call the sequel to Straight Outta Compton about Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg?

The Next Episode

my s**... life is a lot like the bible

mostly imaginary and with not much chance of a sequel

Nintendo should come out with a sequel to X and Y...

It'll be called "The Extra Chromosome"

So I hear there is going to be a sequel to Lawrence of Arabia

It's going to be called Lawrence of Two Rabias.

Less well known than Ernest Hemingway's "A farewell to Arms"...

is his sequel, "Oh Hello Arms I Didn't Think I'd See You Again"

What's the sequel to April Fools, Neo?

The May Tricks.

Guy one: "Bro I missed the first world war..."

Guy one: "Bro I missed the first world war..."
Guy two: "Don't worry man, they made a sequel"
Guy three: "I heard it bombed in Japan"

Fan's of Marvel should be happy with the election results.

Looks like you'll be getting a Civil War sequel much earlier than anticipated.

I just saw Rogue one

Can't wait to see the sequel.

Rougue One was great.

Can't wait for the sequel.

Rumor has it Tom Hanks just signed a deal to star in a sequel to one of his greatest 80s blockbusters.

Big, if true.

I'm working on a sequel to March of The Penguins

I'm going to call it April of The Penguins

Which movie badly needs a sequel?


If Christopher Nolan makes a sequel to Inception,

He should start at the top.

Sequel to Joel Osteen's book "Become A Better You" is in the works...

I've heard it's titled "Become A Wetter You".

The sequel to iPhone X is set to be over $2000.

The iPhone XS.

In the latest sequel, John McClain teams up with two elderly nuns to save the Vatican from terrorists.

It's called Old Habits Die Hard.

They've written a sequel to The Martian where a hundred rescuers attempt to rescue a stranded man on mars, only to fail.

It's title.
101 Dull Martians

What do you call an uncircumcised sequel?


2018 is the Year of the sequel.

Deadpool 2, Avengers Infinity war 3, Incredibles 2, World War 3.

Marvel just announced the title of the Infinity War sequel. [spoiler]

Avengers: Days of Future Past

Did you hear they're making a sequel to the movie Ocean's Eight?

It's called Nine Beaches.

New Sequel to Lalaland


They are doing a new sequel to the movie March of the Penguins

They are calling it April of the Penguins!

I'm writing a sequel to Hamilton

Hamilton II: Be in the tomb where it happens.

The sequel to Gandhi

fasting and Furious

The makers of the card game Uno have developed a sequel

They're calling it Dos

What's a game that had a sequel announced, but never got it?

I don't know, but the beginning sounded interesting

Did you hear Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller are gonna be in the sequel to Throw Momma from the Train?

It's called Yeet the Parents.

In the next few years we may get a sequel to "Charlie bit my finger"

"Charlie fingered my bits"

R. Kelly went from being trapped in a closet to being trapped in a courtroom.

Can't wait for the sequel, trapped in a jail cell.

My favorite movie is Eraserhead by David l**....

I'm still waiting for the sequel, Pencilbutt.

(Yeah, probably the worst joke I've ever come up with in my life. .\_.)

Bruce Willis has been cast to play the lead role in the upcoming Lord of the Rings sequel.

Old Hobbits Die Hard.

How many sopranos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Six - one to try and reach the socket, and the other five to stand around saying that its too high for her.

I heard that Kelly McGillis won't be returning for Top Gun 2. Guess which other Top Gun actor won't have a cameo in the sequel?


Did you hear about the new Silence of the Lambs sequel that's set to take place in Newfoundland?

It's going to be called Ewes Be Quiet.

I asked my friend what the sequel to E T would be called, and do you know what he said??


The Princess Bride

Cary Elwes walks into a bar and orders a beer. "Oh, wow! 'Princess Bride' is one of my favorite movies," the bartender gushes. "Can you tell me any of the behind the scenes secrets?" "Well a little known fact is that they almost made a sequel. But they scrapped it because Wesley and Buttercup were unable to have children," Elwes said. "She was inconceivable."

Sequel joke, Have you seen the sequel to Constipation?