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  1. A North Korean man frequently sneaks to the South Korean capital to gamble for bakery goods for his family. He is the seoul breadwinner
  2. I'll be so demoralised if North Korea decides to invade South Korea... It'd be Seoul destroying
  3. North Korea has finished nuking the South, and there was one man left alive. He was the Seoul survivor.
  4. I'm talking to this girl from South Korea. She says I'm just a friend.... But she's my Seoul mate
  5. Why North Korea falling in love with South Korea? Because South Korea has a beautiful Seoul
  6. What's the difference between North Korea amd South Korea? North Koreans have no Seoul.
    Thought of this very early in the morning waiting to board a plane.
  7. So I was visiting South Korea but I forgot my phone and I had no map. It was a true Seoul searching journey.
  8. Did you guys hear about the scandal with the South Korean president? She did the right thing and accepted Seoul responsibility.
  9. Two South Koreans fell in love with each other... you might say they found their Seoul mates
  10. If I went to the capitol of South Korea with my Australian girlfriend Would that make her my Seoul-Mate?

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  1. Why did North Korea fight South Korea? Because North Korea has no Seoul
  2. South Korea is famous for their R&B music. They've really got Seoul.
  3. Why are South Koreans better dancers than North Koreans? They've got Seoul.
  4. What do North Koreans lack that South Koreans do not? North Koreans have no Seoul.
  5. What does a South Korean call their lover? Their Seoul Mate.
  6. Why did the North Korean defect to South Korea? He did some seoul searching.
  7. What did Shang Tsung say after conquering South Korea? "Your Seoul is mine!"
  8. What did Shang Tsung say to the South Korean? Your Seoul is mine
  9. What do they eat in South Korea? Seoul food.
  10. Why was the pilot flying circles over South Korea? He was Seoul searching.
  11. If North Korea nukes South Korea... It will be Seoul-crushing.
  12. Why does North Korea hate South Korea? Because they don't have Seoul.
  13. What did the buisness man say when he moved to Seoul? My Korea has gone south
  14. What is the national anthem of South Korea? Heart and Seoul.
  15. Why does South Korea listen to a lot of Jazz? Because they have Seoul.

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Q: Why is North Korea not as fun as South Korea?
A: Because it has no Seoul.

South Korea

What do you call a groovy South Korean supply line?
A Seoul Train!

So I took a vacation to a big city in South Korea...

... and I met this amazing girl. She was beautiful, and we had just about everything in common. 7 years after that vacation I can happily call her my wife. I think it's easy to say that we're Seoul mates.

Why does James Brown like South Korea?

Because its got Seoul.

There is a James Brown impersonator in South Korea.

He's known as the Godfather of Seoul.

What's the difference between South Korean BBQ and American BBQ?

South Korean BBQ has more Seoul

Why does everybody like South Korea more than North Korea?

Because North Korea has no Seoul.

After much discussion, it was decided that Korea would divide its capital city into two, half for North and half for South, the job of splitting the city went to some unusual ministers: Cenobites. In their first public address about their new task, they gave their mission statement:

"We'll tear your Seoul apart"

A civilian has taken control of the capital of South Korea...

...he's got Seoul, but he's not a soldier.

After realizing that I was living a boring, directionless, and empty life, I went to South Korea..

to go Seoul searching.

I had an idea for a movie about the hostile takeover of South Korea by North Korea.

But it was too Seoul crushing to finish.

The eyes are the windows to the soul...

A South Korean's eyes are the windows to Seoul.

South Koreans are some of the most spirited people out there.

After all, they have the most Seoul.

If north and south Korea went to war with each other...

South Korea would become a Seoul-less country

My dad traveled to South Korea and fell in love with a woman...

Turns out she was his Seoul mate

I used to demolish buildings in the South Korean capital.

It was Seoul destroying.

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