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Sensei, I've been training for years, and I'm not getting any stronger. What's going on?

Have you seen the flock of cranes fly over the old mountain at sunrise?
Have you seen the great lightning storms crack the sky before making way for a rainbow?
Have you seen the fabled tiger as it hunts prey in the forest, quicker than the eye can see?
Yes, Sensei.
That's the problem. You keep watching s**... s**... instead of practicing!

Sensei, I need your advice.

I wish to live to be 100 years old.
- Then get married.
Will that make me live 100 years?
- No! But the wish will fade away.
Thank you great master for your immense wisdom.

The student asked his sensei: "Why do you fight using only your feet?"

Oh, y'know. For kicks.

An Interview with a Master Ninja

When questioned on whether he thought his pupil could win his upcoming training match the Sensei had this to say:

Why didn't Johnny Lawrence's sensei have any children?

Irons became so popular in the 1960s that not a single girl had a Kreese in her pants.

A sith lord became a karate sensei.

It was master vader

My karate teacher wore lipstick to class

He looked senseitional
...edit- but sadly his own master wouldn't talk to him. It was a sensei shun.

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