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  1. 3 months since I had COVID and I've still got very little sense of taste. Sometimes I just find myself settling down on the sofa, opening up Netflix and sticking on Friends
  2. Sad news to share: my dad just contracted COVID, and lost his sense of taste. He's been listening to a lot of Justin Bieber.
  3. I was going to make a joke about losing your senses due to COVID. But I decided it was poor taste.
  4. A COVID nurse asked me 'so sir when did you first begin to lose your sense of taste' I replied 'Hey! Riverdale is a good show'
  5. You know how people say if you damage one sense, the others get better? Well if that's true I hope my friend hurts his hearing.
    Because then he'll get a better taste in music.
  6. I just found out my crush has covid, so I asked her out because she's lost her sense of taste.
  7. What does you call a person without 5 senses (hearing, smell, taste, feel, and hear)? A person without *common* sense.
  8. The five senses have had massive lay-offs in their financial department. There's no accounting for taste.
  9. I was peeing the other day, and my girlfriend said "were you eating asparagus?" She has a keen sense of taste.
  10. How can you tell if someone is blind, deaf, and has no sense of taste or feeling? Don't worry, they'll smell you.

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  1. I lost my sense of taste and think I have COVID!!!! Oh s**.... It's just Bud Light, I'm ok.
  2. I'm a**... by my ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch I've come to my senses

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Did you hear about the guy with erectile dysfunction who was a**... by tastes and smells?

It took a while, but he finally came to his senses.

A man walks into a bar......

An Irishman man walks into a bar in New York City. He orders three whiskeys. The bartender pours him one and says, "Lemme know when you want the next one." But the man says, "I think you've misunderstood me. I'd like all three at once." The bartender pours two more drinks. The man drinks down the three drinks, pays, and leaves.
This goes on almost every night for a couple of weeks. Finally the bartender asks the man why he orders three drinks at a time, since there's no real advantage to it. So the man tells him, "When I left the auld sod I promised my two brothers that whenever I sat down to take a taste of the creature, I'd order one for me and one for each of them. That's why I order three at once." It makes sense to the bartender, so he's satisfied.
The man keeps coming back almost every night for more than a year. He and the bartender get to know each other pretty well. Then one day, the man orders only two drinks. This goes on for a couple weeks, but the bartender is afraid to ask if anything happened to one of the brothers. Finally, the man comes into the bar and only orders two drinks, again. The bartender figures he has to ask, and summons up the courage to say, "I noticed you've been ordering only two drinks for the last few weeks. Is everything allright with your brothers?" The man looks at the bartender, puzzled, then realizes what he is implying. He smiles and says, "Yes! My brothers are fine, but I've given up drinking for Lent."

I have read that symptoms of the Covid19 virus can include loss of smell and taste. Well I don't know about your sense of smell....

But judging by your hair and clothes I think you might've had this disease for quite some time.

I took my gf to the bar, but she went home with...

... the coronavirus.
I'm so depressed, my t**... is aching from crying and I'm losing my sense of taste and smell

I just had a Covid test...

And I'm wondering if the doctor was legit.
They're are supposed to put the swab in your b**... and then put it in your mouth to see if you have a sense of taste, right?

2 jokes for 1 post

Please bear with me, the second one makes more sense with the context that the first joke exists.
Two Cannibals are eating a Clown.
One looks over at the other and says "Does this taste funny to you?"
Two Clowns are eating a Cannibal.
One looks over at the other and says "I think we ruined this joke."

I told my Doctor I was losing my sense of taste, sight and hearing...

He said it was all in my head.

Why do cannibals prefer to eat blind people?

Because with one sense gone they taste really good.
Sorry, that was wrong...
they taste really well.

Student and Doctor!

A student was not found of a job even after two years after his graduation so he decided to open a clinic & wrote
outside the clinic:
Any treatment in Rs.300/- & if we can't treat, we will pay you back Rs.1000/-.
A CLEVER Doctor thought he will make that commerce student fool and comes to do fraud & thinking to get Rs.1000.
He says to the student:
I cant feel any taste on my tongue...
Student asks the Nurse to put few
drops of medicine from box no. 22
After that the MAN shouts: " w**......its u**.....!!
Student says congratulations your sense of taste is back now.
The CLEVER Doctor was angry as he lost Rs.300.
After 2 weeks the same doctor comes back again & this time he thinks to get back his previous 300 too.
CLEVER Doctor : I've lost my memory.
Student: Nurse! pls put some drops of medicine from Box no. 22 on his tongue.
DOCTOR : Wait but that medicine is for sense of taste.
Student: Congratulations your memory is back!