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Explore the humorous side of going senile! This article discusses the lighter side of senile dementia. Learn more about older people's ailments, and how they can be smiled at and laughed with -- not at -- as they age. Discover why being old and senile can still mean you can have a good time!

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I'm voting for an old, senile, racist, sexist, white man with r**... allegations this year for president.

But I'm still not sure which one to pick.

We'll be friends until we're old and senile

Then we'll be new friends.

So a senile old man, an alleged r**..., and a neoliberal ghoul walk into a bar.

The bartender says "im sorry Mr. Biden, we are closed due to the coronavirus"

This morning I thought I was going senile when I couldn't remember where I'd put my watch.

Then, fortunately, my wife reminded me that I haven't worn a watch in 5 years.

Where do Old Egyptian people go to Swim?

The Senile River

Welcome to River Cruises for the Elderly

We're gonna go senile!

What's the difference between The White House and a nursing home for the senile?

The White House smells worse.

What happens when John Cena starts to get forgetful?

He becomes John Senile

What did the Japanese girl say to her senile father?


What would people call an old John Cena?

John Senile

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