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  1. Do you want to know why I hate Russian dolls? Because they are so full of them selfs
    *ba dum tiss*
  2. A British tabloid has just run a story about how self conscious I am. Its really upset me, I hate seeing myself in The Mirror.
  3. A closeted gay man, An economic illiterate, A radical feminist, A self hating white, and A communist walk into bar. The tender asks "Will that be Molson Prime Minister?"
  4. They say girls love a guy who can laugh at himself But they always seem to hate my self-defecating humor
  5. "There's nothing I hate more than a self-aware narcissist." *-Attributed to Rubber_Not_Glue*

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  1. I just got in touch with my inner self Man, how I hate this cheap toilet paper at work
  2. Hey man, why do you have all these self help books on your floor? I hate my shelf.
  3. How do you find out what self hate feels like? Ashkenazi Jew
  4. The thing I hate most about myself is My self deprecation.
  5. The only thing I hate more than self deprecating humor... myself.
  6. She tells me I'm unbelievably self-critical. I really hate that part of myself.
  7. I hate self-deprecating humour And the worst part of it is always me
  8. I have a serious self loathing problem.... and I hate myself for it.
  9. I hate self-referential things Like this.
  10. I hate getting the ID10T error.. It's always self inflicted.
  11. Why do Indians hate Google? Because Google created self driving cars.

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Bad punz 1

Got electrocuted at work today.
Didn't think That would happen to me.
I was shocked.
I know you're trying not to laugh,
But give up.
Resistance is futile.
This post isn't going anywhere.
One could say it appears to be static.
It Has taken all my will power to type these.
I hate my current self.
Pls comment "NO PART 2 PLS GOD NO" so i can die a happy man.

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