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Best Short Self Confidence Jokes

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  1. If having low confidence and low self-esteem was an Olympic sport... I would probably get bronze.
  2. Do you love me for my beauty or brains? asks the woman Without missing a beat he replies: I love your self confidence dear
  3. So I went to a stable for a self confidence boost I found myself surrounded by a bunch of neigh-sayers.
  4. My self-confidence is at all time high now, I was asked to go outside by 15 girls. I was at a girls restroom.
  5. What do you call a god who lacks self-confidence? An atheist. He doesn't really believe in himself.
  6. My car has no self-confidence. It's been self-depreciating since the moment I took it off the lot!
  7. I applaud all the women who don't shave down there That's a level of self confidence I can really get behind.
  8. What would you call Jesus if he had no self-confidence? Jewish, he doesn't believe in himself.
  9. Why did everyone in the Industrial Revolution have such good confidence. Everything ran off Self-Esteem-Engines.
  10. You may laugh but this cheap hairpiece from Walmart has really helped my self-confidence. It was a small price toupee.

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Self Confidence One Liners

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  1. I always wanted to be self-confident. Well, look at me now. Actually, don't.
  2. What do you call a lock with low self-confidence? Insecure.
  3. How do you kill a poet? Give them real self confidence.
  4. What's the height of self confidence? f**... when you have diarrhea.

Self Confidence Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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I put a Honk if you think I'm s**... bumper sticker on my car.

My self confidence is skyrocketing!
A *TON* of people think I'm s**... at this green light right now....

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