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Why did Selena Gomez dump The Weeknd on a Monday?

She wished The Weeknd was longer.

Justin Bieber was caught hanging out around Selena Gomez's house.


Why was Selena Gomez suspended in elementary school?

Because she couldn't keep her hands to herself.

What did the Weeknd say to Selena when they broke up?

So you're just gonna leave me and Gomez around with Justin Bieber again?

What has two legs, one kidney and can't sing?

Selena Gomez

I used to like Selena Gomez.

Then I saw her face.
Now I'm a Belieber

Why isn't Selena Gomez straight

She came from wizards of Wave rly place

Why the rabbits love Selena Gomez?

im f**... carrots, im f**... carrots...

Selena Gomez had s**... with Justin Bieber...

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