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Funniest Seesaw Short Jokes

Short seesaw jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The seesaw humour may include short swing set jokes also.

  1. My son was depressed because of his obesity. "Trust me," I told him, "skinny people get down too." "Unless you're on a see-saw with them," I added.
  2. It's funny how 8 cups of water a day seems impossible... but 8 pints and 4 shots in 3 hours goes down quicker than a chubby kid on a see-saw!
  3. It's funny how 8 glasses of water seems like a lot But 8 beers, two shots and a bottle of wine go down like a fat kid on a see-saw.
  4. My wife's childbirth was like going on a seesaw opposite a fat boy. I wish I'd been at the other end.
  5. I asked my friend if he wanted to seesaw. He told me he can't because his mom doesn't let him watch R-Rated movies.
  6. My girlfriend gives people things from the war that she finds in the ocean. You can find her in the school playground. She sells sea shells by the seesaw.

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Seesaw One Liners

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  1. Marriage is like a seesaw. It's not fun if one of them is fat.
  2. How do you cut the sea in half? With a seesaw (I'll see myself out)
  3. There was a woman selling batteries in the park today.. She sells C-cells by the seesaw
  4. How do you cut the ocean in half? By using a seesaw.
  5. Relationships are like a seesaw. If one of you gets too bored or too fat, the fun's over.
  6. what's the past tense of seesaw? is it seensaw or sawsaw?
  7. There is a woman selling battries in the park. She sells C cells by the seesaw.
  8. What is the opposite of a seesaw? A blind hammer.
  9. How do you cut the ocean if half With a seesaw
  10. I was going to buy a seesaw But I didn't have enough balance.
  11. Dating is like a See-saw Not very fun when one of you is fat.
  12. I've put all my money in see-saw stocks. To be honest they've had their ups and downs.
  13. See-saws are too tense...

Seesaw joke, See-saws are too tense...

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We took the kids to the playground earlier.

We met another couple and their kids. They seemed real normal, you know? So we asked if they wanted to walk over to the slides and the see-saw.
But then the husband told us, they're swingers.

Seesaw joke, I asked my friend if he wanted to seesaw.