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Funniest Seedy Short Jokes

Short seedy jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The seedy humour may include short seeds jokes also.

  1. What's the difference between a pervert and a dead bee? One is a seedy beast and the other is a bee deceased.
  2. I used to live right in the core of the Big Apple. Unfortunately I had to move because it was a bit too seedy.
  3. You know you're in a seedy part of town when you ask the waitress for coke and she says "is m**... ok?"
  4. My friend tells me that torrenting files is i**..., but it's not. It's just a little seedy.

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Seedy One Liners

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  1. Why can you never trust a fruit over a vegetable? because they're seedy.
  2. Where do all the bad hamburger buns live? In the seedy part of town
  3. Why was everyone afraid of the everything bagel? Because he looked pretty seedy!
  4. I'd tell you a joke about granary bread... ...but I fear it's a tad seedy
  5. What Do You Call an Anchor Baby? A seedy-son... I'm sorry
  6. Why don't women like the letter A? Because A be seedy.
  7. I only buy my music on tape or vinyl still Anything newer is just too seedy

Seedy joke, I only buy my music on tape or vinyl still

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it was during my naval career, I walked into another seedy bar

In another seedy port. I ordered a drink. A p**... sidles up to me and says " Hey sailor, do you want to try something new". I replied, "how, do you have leprosy?"

A man goes to confession and says...

"forgive me father, for I have sinned."

"What have you done my child?" asked the priest.

"I kidnapped a little boy, and sent the family a ransom note." he told the priest.

"Why don't you just return the boy?" asked the priest.

"Because the cops are swarming all over the apartment where he lives!" answered the man.

"Why not leave him outside in an alley, so he can go home himself?" asked the priest.

"Because he lives in a very seedy part of town, and I don't want him getting r**... by one of the sickos outside." declared the man.

"Well" said the priest "I was going to offer to take the boy home, but now I don't think you would approve".

Seedy joke, I only buy my music on tape or vinyl still