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A lunatic seduced the laundry woman ...

A lunatic seduced the laundry woman to get her keys, and promptly escaped from the asylum.

Next day, the headlines read *Nut Screws Washer and Bolts!*


Three friends go on a skiing trip.

Three friends go on a skiing trip, but they need to save money so they rent a cabin with only one bed that's big enough for all three of them.

After the first night the guy on the left says he had the most amazing dream. A busty blonde seduced him and gave him an amazing handjob.

The guy on the right says he had a similar dream. A beautiful brunette gave me a handjob in a hot tub, he says.

The guy in the middle looks disappointed. Well that's not fair. I just had a dream I was skiing.


I was seduced by a lioness the other day...

I guess you could say she was a sexual predator.


The Virgin

One evening a virgin Miss found herself being seduced by an experienced Beau. As she realized her urges would lead herself to his bed she began to question the unknown. "Beau what should happen if I was to become pregnant?" she worried allowed. "Miss then we would have but few options to consider. Plan a: we would be married. I will work day and night to assure our family is forever happy." he replied. "What of Plan B?" she questioned. "Miss, the pharmacist shall explain first thing in the morning."


After seducing a woman, a man goes home with a confident stride. But what if he had seduced a man instead?

Then he would go home with a confident gait.


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