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  1. Watson: Sherlock, what kind of rock do you think this is? Sherlock: Sedimentary, my dear Watson
  2. Did you guys hear about the fat geologist? It wasn't a poor diet. It was the sedimentary lifestyle
  3. Most people don't know that boulders are morbidly obese. It's from having a sedimentary lifestyle.
  4. Watson: But Holmes, how did you solve the case of the Rock Killer? Sedimentary, my dear Watson
  5. Dr. Watson: Sherlock, what type of rocks are these? They seem to made up of smaller materials. Sherlock: Sedimentary my dear Watson!
  6. What did the 65 million year old detective say to his sidekick? It's sedimentary my dear fossil
  7. what did the stuttering sedimentary rock say to the coplimentary igneous rock? I SHALE! I SHALE!

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Sedimentary joke, what did the stuttering sedimentary rock say to the coplimentary igneous rock?

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Sedimentary One Liners

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  1. What's Sherlock's favourite type of rock? Sedimentary my dear Watson...
  2. What did the pee say when it was blocked by a kidney stone? "u**... my way."
  3. what does a lazy geologist have? a sedimentary lifestyle
  4. Where do rocks go when they die? The sedimentary.
  5. What is Sherlock Holmes' favorite kind of rock? Sedimentary, my dear Watson.
  6. What do you call a Graveyard built on sandstone? A sedimentary.
  7. Sherlock stones Sedimentary my dear watson
  8. If you like igneous rocks more than sedimentary ones... Then you're a raschist.
  9. Why are some rocks so lazy? They live a sedimentary lifestyle.
  10. What type of rock is this Holmes? It's sedimentary my dear Watson!
  11. Hey Sherlock, what type of stone is this? Sedimentary, my dear Watson
  12. What did Sherrock Holmes say to his partner? Sedimentary my dear Watson!
  13. What did Sherlock Holmes say to the geologist? Sedimentary, my dear Watson.

Sedimentary joke, What did Sherlock Holmes say to the geologist?

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Holmes and Watson were investigating a m**... at an archaeological dig-site

Holmes picks up several of the rocks and pebbles surrounding the m**... victim. After a while, Holmes turns to his companion and says "I've cracked the case. The suspect was clearly murdered with a blow to the head by a rock, which then crumbled and scattered into pieces."
"How on Earth can you tell?" exclaims Watson.
"It's sedimentary, my dear Watson."

Holmes is on the case...

Sherlock Holmes is investigating a m**... where the culprit had used a knife carved from Sandstone.
Dr. Watson finds the choice of m**... weapon odd.
"Holmes, who would kill another man with an Igneous rock?"
"Sedimentary, my dear Watson, Sedimentary..."

The stormy seafarer

One stormy evening, a seafarer was thrown overboard whilst passing through the strait of Dover. As luck would have it, the ocean currents pulled him unconscious to the English coastline, where he was found and revived by a man adorned in a cape, deerstalker hat and smoking a pipe.
When coming to and looking up, bleary eyed at the great, chalky White cliffs before him. The man exclaimed "What on earth is that wonderful rock formation", and his saviour replied "why, it's sedimentary my dear flotsam".

I've been training as a sculptor for months but I'm not very good at it. Just the other day I made an Elk from limestone which I thought was good, but my art teacher Mr Watson couldn't work out what it was.

I said to him surely he could see it was sedimentary, my deer, Watson.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are busy with yet another complicated case.

Suddenly, Holmes seizes a chunk of blood-spattered limestone from the ground.
"What is it, Holmes?" asks Watson, eagerly.
Holmes turns and replies, gravely, "It's sedimentary, my dear Watson.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are out hunting some rocks

Sherlock picks up a rock, admiring it. Watson asks, "What kind of rock is that? Igneous?"
Sherlock replies, "Sedimentary, my dear Watson. Sedimentary."

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are out hunting. Watson has a buck in his sights, when holmes throws a rock near it, and, frightened, it runs away. "What the h**... was that?!" He asks. Holmes looks at him for a second..

It sedimentary. My deer, Watson.

Sedimentary joke, If you like igneous rocks more than sedimentary ones...

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