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Praying mantises don't all follow the same religion.

They're in sects.

If the mantises are always praying, what is their religion?

It varies, they're all in sects.

Why do bugs have odd beliefs?

They're in sects.

Sects joke, Why do bugs have odd beliefs?

Why do you never see any bugs in a church?

Because they are in sects.

Don't join dangerous cults

Practice safe sects

How do religions reproduce?

They have sects.

How do you avoid STDs while in a dangerous cult?

By making sure to practice safe sects

Sects joke, How do you avoid STDs while in a dangerous cult?

How come ants don't go to the church?

They are in sects.

Be careful who you talk to about religion in West Virginia

You could be talking about sects with a miner!

Why do praying mantises pray?

Because they are in sects.

First I dated a seventh day adventist and then a mormon

I told my mom that im not just in it for the sects but she doesn't believe me.

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Started a new religion

Doesn't matter, had sects.

Why don't bees go to church?

Because they are in sects.

I always have heavy security at my far-left political rallies...

It's dangerous to have unprotected sects.

What do you say to a theologian graduate with a good GPA?

"Oh, high marks! How's your sects life?"

Religious gardening rising in popularity with today's youth.

Parents around the nation are alarmed at their teens obsession with Sects and Violets.

Sects joke, Religious gardening rising in popularity with today's youth.

Why do politicians always claim to be religious?

Because sects sells.

What did the warring religious sects say to each other after they made peace?

"Good Shiite."

"See you Sunni."

Do you know how many 3rd party sects the catholic church is protecting?

None, catholics aren't allowed to have protected sects.

To ensure safe social sects, man-up and

use a condemn.

I joined a series of audiophile cults.

We're all obviously into aural sects.

What do you call a religious orgy?

Having sects.

Need help starting a George Michael cult.

Let's talk about sects, baby.

Sects, sects, sects....

Is that all you monks think about?

Priests shouldn't have sex

Priests shouldn't have sects*

They should follow the teachings of their religion without creating a bunch of rivalries.

Why did the highschool heart throb Playboy become a devout Christian?

He heard they had more sects than any other religion.

TIL there are a number of churches which are trying to get into space to lose their earthly burden of weight and become closer to God.

They're zero-G sects.

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